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of or relating to articulation


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or a similar sound, whose combination with a directly following /x/ would be very awkward both articulatorily and perceptually.
Because of their lack of clusters, one-syllable Cantonese words are both articulatorily and acoustically simpler than one-syllable English words.
i] and [j] can be assumed to differ either articulatorily (with the glide having a more narrow constriction) and/or aerodynamically (with the glide requiring stronger air pressure).
Examples of the latter are the /p/ gap in Hausa (in [p] there is hardly any resonance in the oral cavity so that the stop burst is difficult to detect acoustically) and the /g/ gap in Dutch (as voicing and velarity are articulatorily hard to maintain simultaneously).
Stop epenthesis is an alternation that lies at the interface of phonetics and phonology: there are reasons to consider it a phonological alternation, part of the grammar, but it is clearly articulatorily motivated and closely related to language-specific phonetics.