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of or relating to articulation


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Articulatorily speaking, while [t] is typically dental, [d] is alveolar (Sulkala, Karjalainen 1992).
This research observed that the native English monophthongal vowels that do not have equivalent values in Shona are substituted with Shona monophthongs that are articulatorily close to them in the spoken English of Shona-English bilinguals.
or a similar sound, whose combination with a directly following /x/ would be very awkward both articulatorily and perceptually.
Because of their lack of clusters, one-syllable Cantonese words are both articulatorily and acoustically simpler than one-syllable English words.
If segments are defined as amenable to nasalization, as those articulatorily compatible with a lowered velum, laryngeals offer no counterevidence to this hypothesis.
i] and [j] can be assumed to differ either articulatorily (with the glide having a more narrow constriction) and/or aerodynamically (with the glide requiring stronger air pressure).