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The three articulator trucks, with the registration numbers, AW 1944-14, GR 6969-14 and 11 JH 631, he said, were arrested when two of them were involved in an accident after a heavy down pour, whilst the remaining one had developed a mechanical fault.
Once the patient had been de-programmed and asymptomatic for 3 consecutive weeks with no perceived or painful symptoms, even on palpation, the models were mounted back on an articulator. The final articulator-mounted models were then evaluated and a diagnosis and treatment plan determined.
As for Klepper's prediction that the role would become more process-oriented, he says, it's "a work in progress, but the role is being more clearly defined and justified as the board articulator, the one who makes sure the dialogue between the boardroom and C-suite is honest, transparent and strong."
shade guides, wax knives, occlusal plane indicators, articulators, facebows, mixing spatulas, polishing/finishing wheels, disks, dental stones and burs, etc.
Both upper casts were transferred to the articulator (ProtarEvo 7, Kavo, Biberach, Germany) with identical facebow registration.
Arria NLG (LSE: NLG) has launched a private beta of Articulator Lite, a cloud-based toolkit that allows users to build their own applications that create content from data, the company sai.
Kropotkin is a valuable articulator of fundamental anarchist concepts and practices including mutual aid, voluntary cooperation, direct action and consensus decision-making, among others.
This can also complicate the placement of dowel pins within the die before mounting stone is used for the articulator.
Facebow transfer was done using Hanau Spring Bow and was transferred to the Hanau Wide Vue articulator. Maxillary cast mounting was done accordingly.
Face-bows were developed to enable the opening and closing axis of the articulator to be similar to that of the patients' dental arches with the skull.
Contrastive analysis between Japanese and American English sound systems: From an articulator)' setting perspective.
Castellanos Dominguez, <<Estimation of relevant time-frequency features using Kendall coefficient for articulator position inference,>> Speech communication, vol.
Orientation jaw relation was recorded and relation was transferred on Hanau H2 articulator. Later, interocclusal records were made and mandibular cast was articulated.