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of or relating to articulation


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A segment is an articulative unit, either phonetic or phonological, during which a relative stasis in articulators can be perceived.
That conversation is both engaged and engaging: cast in terms that are interrogative, articulative, and highly mobile, it seeks to enlist readers as active participants, suggesting that we, too, should have our say in shaping a new kind of fiction.
To accomplish these tasks, his party-related references should contain a mix of references to partisan and bipartisan virtues, seasoned with a substantial measure of criticism about the failings of "typical partisan politics." Conversely, one might expect an articulative president, working within the presumably politically successful "revolution" introduced by his reconstructive predecessor, to be more partisan in his references than was the reconstructive president.
but the search for reasons that aspire to general acceptance need not lead to an unfair exclusion of religion from public life, and secular society, for its part, need not cut itself off from the important resources of spiritual explanations, if only the secular side were to retain a feeling for the articulative power of religious discourse." (18)
Moreover, through a finely-wrought and closely articulative narrative
The articulative dynamic that he seeks to achieve between writer and reader goes well beyond the kind of relation that we typically imagine, with production firmly anchored on one side and reception on the other.
Nevertheless, this detail could also be defended on the grounds of musical sense, as an articulative counterweight to the square syntax of the tune and indeed as a sonorous link between its phrases: the other instruments, lacking any equivalent slur, will naturally shape off their final note of the first phrase before its full half-note duration.
This information quickly can identify motives and other articulative facts essential to determining an individual's victimology or suspectology.
The most obvious problem with Hegel, then, is his commitment to an articulative whole that "speculatively airbrushes" transcendence as other (51, 55).
The Court acknowledged that "contemporary Commerce Clause jurisprudence might not dictate the same result were the issue to arise for the first time today." (67) Specifically, "our Commerce Clause jurisprudence now favors more flexible balancing analyses,"(68) and the bright-line Bellas Hess test "appears artificial at its edges."(69) The Court concluded that it may be best to leave the issue for Congress to resolve under its articulative Commerce Clause powers "even if we were convinced that Bellas Hess was inconsistent with our Commerce Clause jurisprudence." (70) Thus, by removing any due process barriers to Congressional action in the first part of the opinion, the Court left the matter at Congress's doorstep, "at least for now." (71)
In traditional accounts of common-practic e music, musical continuity is provided by tonal syntax while expressive content depends on accent and salience via intensity, duration and other articulative dimensions.
When attempting to bring out bass lines in proper proportion, pianists benefit from the instrument's construction as far as volume is concerned, but they must listen particularly closely for articulative clarity in the somewhat muddy-sounding lower registers.
Here, since both colonizer and colonized are made subject to the articulative ambivalences of the Creole, both categories undergo an unqualified disruption, rendered fragmentary and incomplete by a metropolitan imposture whose insistence on a binary either/or subverts its claims to authorial ascendancy.
Such learning can then impact on the development of one's attitudes for reflection (Dewey's [1933] openmindedness, responsibility, and wholeheartedness) and, in so doing, it is possible to highlight the link between reflection and the development of a genuine wisdom-in-practice as the knowledge gained through reflection is recognizable and articulative. One helpful approach for facilitating this is drawn from research on anecdotes (van Manen 1995, 1999).
Even more important, in the process of discussing and examining multiple articulative variables such as: race, gender, and class, the narrative of Americans of color, appear to have common thematic approaches, in the way of confronting adversity and racialism on an individual and institutional level.