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But the unit district concept has logic on its side AaAeAeAu easier articulatio stronger accountability, reduction of fiefdoms, eradication of duplication in positions and functions.
In clinic, the standard to evaluate atlantoaxial disorder is by estimating position changes between different joints, including articulatio atlantoaxialis mediana and articulatio atlantoaxialis lateralis.
The knee joint (articulatio genu) is the biggest joint in the human body with a complex structure.
Cases of ABMS reported by Adachi in Japanese (Adachi, 1928) Number Sex Side Branch from Level 1 (Case 6) M Right ABS 20 mm above articulatio humeroradialis 2 (Case 7) M Right AA Behind musculus pectoralis minor 3 (Case 8) M Right ABS 5 mm below articulatio humeroradialis 4 (Case 9) M Right AB Middle part of arm 5 (Case 10) M Right ABS 13 mm above articulatio humeroradialis 6 (Case 11) M Right ABS At level of articulatio humeroradialis 7 (Case 12) M Right ABS 5 mm above articulatio humeroradialis 8 (Case 13) M Left AB* Middle part of arm * Arteria brachialis, ABMS: Arteria brachiomediana superficiais, AA: Arteria axillaris TABLE 4.
"For example, PGM covers the articulatio coxae and the pump is equipped on the contralateral sole.