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Synonyms for articulateness

vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

Synonyms for articulateness

the quality of being facile in speech and writing

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ACTE: You mentioned a certain level of articulateness about ideas.
He said the people he talked to " spoke with characteristic articulateness but in an atmosphere of friendship and with a positive view of the future".
Participants stress the need for early identification of talented students, preferably as early as the first year of high school, and the use in college honors recruiting of multiple measures--not only grades and intelligence tests but also teachers' assessments of "mind and personality traits" such as excellent memory, abstract thinking, ability to apply knowledge to experience, curiosity, honesty, goal-directed behavior, articulateness, variety of interests, physical well-being, and sound values (1.
One of his most important qualities is his articulateness during press conferences.
Its purpose was to gauge the nature and articulateness of their responses, as English First Additional Language (EFAL) students, to a selection of picture books containing English verbal texts.
Potential indicators of a salesperson's professional appearance might be, for example, clothing, neatness, hair style, articulateness, and behavior.
The level of articulateness of those that made presentations and took us on tours of Statutory Boards etc, was very impressive.
Their articulateness, their passion, their hunger for information is insatiable.
I was enormously impressed by his articulateness, his political insight, his knowledge of history, and his biting sense of humor that skewered his black listeners as often as it did the white racists.
There is a deeper meaning to this quality of articulateness.
You get a sense of how they present themselves--their energy, their articulateness," he said.
More recently, Caroline attended one of World-watch's conferences and was astounded by the extent of vision, the soundness of recommendations, and the articulateness of staff.
T]he parental presence never contributes to my articulateness, and I might have done better at answering some of your questions had I entertained you in the hen house.
These missed opportunities aside, The Inarticulate Renaissance offers many new ways to think about the importance placed on rhetoric and articulateness in the Renaissance, well beyond monolithic formulations of an "age of eloquence.
Moral agency, in other words, not only crystallizes around the manifestation of the ground for freedom, as a bare irruption of the rational constitutive of conscience, but one that must take the form of an articulateness, or a meaningfulness.