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It was an hour-long morning show that offered a premiere and a serious taste of company favorites, all articulately hosted by the associate artistic director, Jamie Martinez.
Each group maintained its own instructional web site, while marchers in sea turtle outfits made their points far more articulately than the Byzantine, "secretive" positioning by the WTO on arcane-sounding trade issues.
This first category embraces a subset of objects whose very absence or prohibition from use at specific times points loudly, articulately, and evidently to the Jewishness of the space.
Quietly, mannerly, articulately and quite self-effacingly he has created a team spirit which is the envy of many a club manager, and proved strong enough to qualify for the finals of Euro 96 and the beckoning World Cup Finals.
In this case, her insight into racism's limiting effects developed from her inability to respond articulately to an English person's challenge to justify the war in Vietnam.
As the founding president of this organization, Doug built ESA into a very effective and influential trade association fully and articulately representing the interests of our members.
Anita's only claim to fame is being late Rajesh Khanna's live- in partner and she has been articulately using it.
However, Richard Wyn Jones and Roger Scully's article today makes the case articulately not only that could such powers be given to Wales without holding another costly and complicated referendum, but that any such vote could conversely damage public confidence in devolution.
In just one candid and articulately expressed interview, Johnson gave us an understandable explanation as to why Liverpool so vehemently defended a player who admitted using an offensive racist term.
Wilfred Local musician and the man behind the Wilfred Owen Story museum, Dean Johnson, said: "The song, based on the traditional Irish folk ballad The Fields of Athenry, speaks articulately and compassionately about the sacrifice that the memorial represents.
As the article so articulately states, we view the building of State Bank as a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Erin will chat away articulately but Neve has the verbal skills of a two-year-old.
Fehmida Mirza was approached by numerous Speakers from Muslim Countries, congratulating her on articulately advocating Kashmirs case.
Dibb was articulately outspoken with our readers about his uncompromisingly powerful urban gangster film.
The collaborative work of human resource specialists Matthew Gay and Doris Sims, "Building Tomorrow's Talent: A Practitioner's Guide To Talent Management And Succession Planning" is a superbly organized and articulately presented compendium of practical advice, ideas, tips, techniques, and planning tools designed to create and implement processes for the accurate assessment of a leadership team within any sized business organization from newly launched entrepreneurial enterprises to established multinational corporations.