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relating to or affecting the joints of the body


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The research to date is very clear that families worry about discrimination, p articularly against their children, should they disclose their HIV status.
She has raised the bar and it will be interesting to see the work that follows in this area as a result -- p articularly in the area of First Nation laws and governance.
Inevitably European cinema is considered with and against American film; the authors offer p articularly interesting insight into the ways in which cinema in Europe has acquired 'a symbolic function in Europe's fight to protect itself against economic and cultural domination'.
20] This makes it p articularly important that Turkey implement fully the planned banking reform (see Chapter III).
Industry professionals, shipper associations, and a congressional committee have asked for a further review and examination of the potential costs and benefits of the new Act, p articularly regarding the antitrust immunity protection provided to ocean carriers.
For women who have been inordinately called upon to sacrifice their own needs and pleasures for others, this philosophical axiom and its fictional representation are p articularly vexing matters.
Variable use of antigen retrieval methods leading to variable staining quality with individual antibodies to the major DNA repair enzymes (hMLH1 and hMSH2) (eg, hMLH1 is articularly dependent on appropriate antigen retrieval techniques)
Such an approach may take practice, p articularly in large firms with complex multimedia communications programs.
It can be concluded that the RUSLE model, in combination with the methods presented in this paper, p articularly the adaptation of the linear RUSLE model to a three-dimensional reality, are capable of predicting both on-site soil losses (sediment leaving each field) and off-site sediment accumulation within acceptable accuracy.
articularly, the offense is stacked ``through about 11 bats,'' Worley said.
While on Wednesday, the booking of Keiron Fallon for Gymcrak Flyer looks p articularly interesting in the 3.
Sir, - Even if they are correct, the views of Professor Ayres and the advisers to Solihull Council on transport and health (Post, May 27) should be balanced against other considerations, not least, the long-term health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle, p articularly in the young, something which car dependency contributes to, the effect of which will only become apparent in years to come.
Nor are the examples Kymlicka provides p articularly well informed.
More articularly, it involved an incresing division of labour and specialization, requiring ever more elaborate networks of trade, and, above all, ever improving productive techniques, to cut costs in order to enhance commercial profits.
That's why you have to be articularly sensitive where you are putting the glass.