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Therefore, the aim of our work was to evaluate the morphologic aspects (frequency, form, length, number of muscular bundles) and the relations of articular muscle of the knee with the articular cavity of the knee (distance between the distal insertion of the muscle and the superior edge of the trochlea), as well as the disposal of muscle fibers to the level of femur (proximal and distal fixation and direction and position of muscular bundles) besides comparing the muscular mass of the articular muscle of the knee with the test of the muscular mass of the inferior member, in order to clarify the anatomic behavior of this muscle.
Afterwards, the quadriceps muscle was carefully laid by the fibrofascial slot, in order to separate the articular muscle of the knee from the vastus intermedialis muscle, preserving, the proximal and distal insertions of articular muscle, since in the most of times, the slot was very diminished.
After this procedure, each specimen was analyzed by the frequency, that is, the presence of the articular muscle of the knee in the anatomic analyzed pieces and by the form or geometric aspect showed on the femoral surface, based, partially in the classification proposed by Didio et al.
The articular muscle of the knee was present in all the analyzed material (100% of analyzed members), situated below the intermedial vastus muscle, separate from this by a adipose slot which amount of tissue varied from case to case.
The rectangular form showed similar widths of superior, medium and inferior portions of the articular muscle and also showed a significant proportion (33.
The total length of the articular muscle of the knee showed an average value of 6.