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monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets

largest carnivore of Madagascar

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The independent variables (predictors) were the following: the shape of mandibular condyle, flattening of articular eminence, erosion of articular eminence, erosion of mandibular condyle, erosion of articular fossa, mandibular subchondral cyst, osteophytosis, mandibular subchondral sclerosis, and position of mandibular condyle.
By scientific definition, disc displacement without reduction is a condition in which the original disc is moved from its position between the condyle and the articular fossa to a forward, medial or lateral position, and is associated with limitation of mouth opening.
The instrument is pressed against the mandibular angle at the left, and the right condyle is pressed into the articular fossa during playing.
Ventral view (Figure 2b): (15) skull anterior extremity, in the level of second incisor; (16) occipital condyle post extremity; (17) premaxillary incisura; (18) palatal incisura; (19) foramen magnum incisura; (20) skull lateral extremity, in the level of auditory region; (21) articular fossa left lateral extremity; (22) articular fossa right lateral extremity; (23) lacerated foramen right lateral extremity; (24) zygomatic incisura; (25) third molar post extremity; (26) mandibular arcade incisura; (27) alveolar limit between first and second molar; (28) alveolar limit between third pre-molar and first molar; (29) alveolar limit between first and second molar; (30) canine alveolus left extremity.
A dislocation in any direction except anterior implies a fracture of either the articular fossa or the mandible.
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