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relating to or affecting the joints of the body


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A multicentric study showed that 'balloon-tibiaplasty' represented an improved and accurate modality for restoration of articular congruence, with the advantage of being minimally invasive and creating a symmetric, contained defect to hold a bone filler for subchondral support.
The superior articular facets were studied for variability in shape due to presence of constriction and partial or complete separation of facets.
1-1 o tipo Kocher-Lorenz, afecta al cartilago articular y la porcion correspondiente del hueso subcondral.
Anatomical restoration of articular surface and fragments alignment promote functional return and avoids early osteoarthritic changes.
The temporomandibular articular surfaces are highly incongruent, which means that the upper and lower surfaces are different in shape and size.
It has been reported that peroneal intraneural ganglia originate from the superior tibiofibular joint and that the articular branch serves as a conduit for the cyst fluid to pass from a capsular defect in the joint.
The study utilized a computational modelling method integrating the tissue and cellular levels of the articular cartilage in order to analyze the function of the articular cartilage during the onset and progression of osteoarthritis.
Between the femur and extensor mechanism, the articular cavity drainage was prepared.
Unfortunately, the meniscus does not function well at the site of the tear, so avoiding surgery will probably not protect the articular cartilage at that site.
De cada estudio tomografico se realizan 4 cortes sagitales para analizar la Inclinacion Condilar en cada condilo (EAI o EAD: Angulo formado entre la superficie posterior de la eminencia articular y el plano horizontal verdadero tangente al polo superior del condilo), Inclinacion Incisiva (IS: Angulo formado entre el eje longitudinal del incisivo central superior y el plano horizontal verdadero), Inclinacion de la cara Palatina (CP: Angulo formado entre la superficie palatina del incisivo central superior y el plano horizontal verdadero) y Eje Facial (Angulo formado entre el plano facial, PTM-Gn, y el plano horizontal verdadero) (figuras 1, 2 y 3).
Double staining with safranin O and fast green revealed a remarkable reduction in the cartilage's sulphated proteoglycan content at the transitional and radial zones, which indicated articular cartilage degeneration (Figure 3(a)).
A comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics of HLA-B51 positive and -negative patients with BD revealed that rate of smokers, BSAS scores, EN, articular, ocular and neurological involvements were significantly higher in HLA-B51 positive patients than HLA-B51 negative patients (p < 0.
September 30, 2015 -- International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCQB:ISCO) announced that it has developed a technology to generate functional articular cartilage from the patient's own skin or adipose tissue to treat osteoarthritis.
Later chapters deal with articular cartilage, the human skin and hydration, and hydrogel materials for tissue engineering.
There may be discrepancy between the severity of articular involvement and progression of nodules.