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vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

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Kundera is being both playful and deadly serious; the metaphors that the lovers, Jean-Marc and Chantal, use define their misunderstandings and our own attempts at articulacy that are inevitably flawed and mortal.
The strength of his feeling comes at the expense of his articulacy. He expresses himself best in abrupt exclamations that betray the explosive intensity of his feelings: "Shame!" "Beastly!" When he does attempt to produce an articulate utterance, he does so "shamblingly [...] muttering half words, and even words that would have been whole if they had not been made up of halves that did not belong to each other.
It is often stated that the worker of the 21st century must have science and mathematics skills, creativity, articulacy in information and communication, mastery of different technologies, and problem-solving skills (Dede, 2009).
However, Comics and Narration stands on its own as an interesting and relevant map to the various ways in which comics make meaning--and more specifically, to the complexity and articulacy with which comics narrate stories.
He adds: "What changed in the First World War was that cultured citizen soldiers, disdaining the stoicism displayed since time immemorial by professional warriors, chronicled the conflict into which they were plunged with an unprecedented articulacy and revulsion.
We have to reinvent, I think, in the kind of articulacy as a form of personal freedom and power."
Once the gaze arrives at Bianca's face, it can be neither absorbed as pure object, because it is visually articulated as a "human" self, nor relayed to others as subject, because it lacks expressive potential, let alone articulacy. In this collapse of the social performance of desire, Bianca's presence evokes the degree zero of cinema itself, in which the non-diegetic apparatus of the visual narrative--a prop--presents itself in the diegesis as a person.
As if impressed by her articulacy, de Clerambault makes few editorial interventions in F's description of the development of her sexuality in terms of her somatic and emotional sensitivity to fabrics.
The Rainbow is a novel about language and the relations that are possible between articulacy and inarticulacy, between expression and the inexpressible, between speech and silence.
As a painter, printmaker and collagist, Trevelyan had an extraordinary talent for bringing disparate things together, and a wonderful verbal articulacy to match that visual acuity.
The centrality and articulacy of the poet's anger is couched in purely verbal attack directed against his denial of freedom.
Du Bois and James Weldon Johnson, who would soon come to lead the New Negro movement, are already writing diligently in standard English in part to demonstrate and encourage black articulacy, intelligence, and creativity.
Art historian David Hopkins' article on the ethics of representations of drunkenness in the work of Martha Rosler and Gillian Wearing highlights particular concerns with the voice, articulacy and agency in these representations.
Later they reiterate their claim that: 'it is [...] quality of leadership, in the sense of personal example, capability and articulacy, that best explains the more localized variables of communist implantation in Britain'.
Ludicrous amounts of money might over-inflate a minority of them but in reality, they have the same range of articulacy and decency as any other group of working-class blokes who left school at 16.