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As she inspected her new abode she ordered her chair to be stopped at intervals in order that, with finger extended towards some article of furniture, she might ply the respectfully smiling, yet secretly apprehensive, landlord with unexpected questions.
Blake, to replace every article of furniture in that part of the house which may now be put away.
Humm into the chair, by taking him by the shoulders and thrusting him into a mahogany-frame which had once represented that article of furniture.
There was every article of furniture looking just as it did on the morning I was first introduced to Mr.
Miss Slowboy was isolated, for the time being, from every article of furniture but the chair she sat on, that she might have nothing else to knock the Baby's head against.
Tenders are invited for Special Repair For Replacement Of Wooden/Steel Furniture Against Ber/Condemned Article Of Furniture Held On The Charge Of Ge Army Suratgarh At Suratgarh Mil Stn Under Ge Army Suratgarh
They also agree they will not copy, import, manufacture, induce the manufacture of, distribute, import, advertise, market, promote, offer for sale or sell any chair or article of furniture that is identical to, confusingly or substantially similar to any article of furniture designed, marketed, advertised, promoted, distributed, displayed, offered for sale and sold by Emeco and which is protected by any intellectual property owned by Emeco.
Whether it's the white plastic variety -- whose facsimiles litter the 21st-century consciousness -- or those formed from metal or some organic matter -- wood, say -- it's a ubiquitous article of furniture.
No fire or food in the house, and scarcely an article of furniture.
Consequently, processing times and crewing requirements can vary at each workstation and each article of furniture may not require service at every station on the line.
The particular ink stains and carved-in words of the article of furniture may thus point us toward what may make furniture worthy of philosophical consideration.
J'aime leur commerce un peu prive" (I am annoyed that my essays serve the ladies only as a public article of furniture, an article for the parlor.
Tenders are invited for Special Repair To Furniture Against Condemned Article Of Furniture Under Ge Dehu Road
To summarize the process, each individual component in the article of furniture is modeled, and then the individual pieces are "assembled" in the CAD system.
A commentator in a 1910 Estates Magazine wrote that its proportions were 'perfect' - 'so that whereas in most billiard rooms the only article of furniture seen is the billiard table in this, the table is but an unobtrusive accessory to the tout ensemble.