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Mediterranean thistlelike plant widely cultivated for its large edible flower head

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If you are familiar with the white, lacy leafed Artemisias, wormwoods, or dusty Millers, you can appreciate the appearance of the silvery leafed artichoke plant, since it is nothing more than a gigantic botanical relative of these more familiar perennials.
Furthermore better understandig of the accumulation and remobilization of assimilates, phenolic acids and flavonoids within the artichoke plant and during the vegetation period of the artichoke is needed.
The reasons for these relationships can be found in changes of developmental stages and in modifications of the leaf morphology (portion of leaf blades and leaf veins within the leaf) of artichoke plants (Ali and Honermeier,2011).
Table 1: Mycelial compatibility groups and pathogenic variability within Sclerotinia sclerotiorum population obtained from Jerusalem artichoke plants in Ankara province
Recent widespread frosts throughout regions of California have affected some artichoke plants in an unusual way--giving them brownish appearance and a more intense flavor.
Since wild Jerusalem artichoke plants are branched, multiheaded, and flower over several weeks, the flowering stage was defined as the time when one-half of the heads in a plot were flowering (at anthesis).
If a few tubers are planted in a bare area, that area will be solid Jerusalem artichoke plants within a few years.
Artichoke plants will rot if their roots sit in water and stop growing if there is no soil moisture.
Increase the number of your globe artichoke plants by removing the basal `suckers' from existing plants.
In Carmel Valley the artichoke plants stood gray green, and the willows were lush along the river.
After the first harvest, minimum leaf yield was obtained where Aclonifen was applied after the germination of artichoke plants.
PHOTO Teacher Deni Lopez, second from left, leads her Park View Elementary class through the campus garden to look for flowers on their artichoke plants.