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a body that resembles a spore but is not an endospore

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one of a string of thick walled vegetative resting cells formed by some algae and fungi

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Arthrospores are inhaled and converted to spherules in the lung where they swell, sporulate, burst, and release spores.
On microscopical examination of epilated hair digested overnight in 10% KOH, arthrospores arranged in parallel chains were seen within hair.
The samples were kept for 20 minutes and then examined for the presence of ectothrix or endothrix spores in addition to filamentous, septate, branched hyphae with or without arthrospores and trichospores.
Microscopic examination in lactophenol cotton blue and the Gram stain of colony from blood and Endo agar revealed septate hyaline hyphae with arthrospores and budding yeast cells (Figure-1).
Most of the chapters focus on types of molds: those with arthrospores, with aleuriospores, with holoblastic conidia, with enteroblastic conidia, mucoraceous molds, and miscellaneous molds.
0 [micro]m wide; arthrospores cylindrical to rounded, sometimes in long chains, usually with one (or more) big refringent granule (oil?
A mycelial form of the fungus, consisting of septate hyphae with arthrospores, may also be encountered if there is communication with ambient temperature.