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a minimally invasive operation to repair a damaged joint

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Arthroscopically assisted reduction and internal fixation of tibial plateau fractures: report of twenty cases.
In both cases that have been described above, the elbow was assessed arthroscopically, since this was felt to be an appropriate approach in the hands of an experienced arthroscopists.
When glenoid bone loss is found to be minimal, case specific soft tissue stabilization can be performed arthroscopically with good success.
When planning for an arthroscopically assisted periarticular plate removal, care must be taken to properly identify the implant preoperatively to allow for appropriate instrumentation to be available in the operating suite.
26) Finally Galatz and associates reported 72% of patients had an ASES score greater than 90 for large and massive cuff tears treated arthroscopically after 3-year follow-up.
Delivered arthroscopically, BST-CarGel(R) effectively fills cartilage defects and has demonstrated reproducible cartilage regeneration in multiple animal trials.
Prospective evaluation of arthroscopically assisted anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Patellar tendon versus semitendinosus and gracilis tendons.
Delivered arthroscopically, BST-CarGel effectively fills cartilage defects and has been shown in multiple animal trials to enhance cartilage repair.
1,2) This has led to renewed interest in anchorless repair constructs, such as the traditional transosseous repair, as newly available instrumentation have made it possible to accomplish this arthroscopically at a potentially lower cost.
A second study, which has not yet been published, of 134 patients conducted by Granger Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (West Valley City, Utah) found the pump to be the safest and most efficient ambulatory delivery system during the acute pain period (48 hours) following arthroscopic, arthroscopically assisted and arthroplasty procedures of the knee.
5,8,9,11,13,14) Although these techniques have proven useful in operative intervention and preoperative planning based on the specific ligamentous or meniscal injuries sustained, they incur extra costs and may require increased operative time and potential complications in cases that are evaluated arthroscopically.
For the first time, we have shown the potential to regenerate hyaline cartilage in focal lesions with a technology that is a fully arthroscopically injectable biomaterial.
In a similar case report, Chapovsky and Kelly (29) described the use of three osteochondral allograft plugs implanted arthroscopically for the treatment of recurrent instability secondary to an engaging Hill-Sachs lesion in a 16-year-old male patient following Bankart repair (Fig.
Chrysalin can be formulated as a minimally invasive, arthroscopically delivered product, and OrthoLogic believes this product could enjoy widespread acceptance across a variety of orthopedic soft tissue indications.
Intraoperative complications of arthroscopically assisted ACL reconstruction using patellar tendon autograft.