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a type of endoscope that is inserted into a joint for visual examination

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It's not in my two anagram dictionaries nor, I must admit, did I find it in my own look at arthroscope.
When we perform a rim trimming, we continually stop and view the acetabular rim with the arthroscope, using this profile view to evaluate the extent of the resection.
Long suspected of having a low pain tolerance, Prior was vindicated by an April arthroscope that revealed his shoulder to be wracked by horrifying internal scarring.
Lee Gilmour collapsed at training and had to go in for an arthroscope because they couldn't tell from the scans what was wrong with him," explained Anderson.
The NewZealand Test scrum-half underwent a knee arthroscope today after experiencing discomfort during preseason training and is doubtful for the Dragons' opening game at Hull on February 11.
Steve McClaren revealed today that unlucky defender Tony McMahon is going into hospital tomorrow to have an arthroscope inserted in his knee.
5% bupivacaine injected into the subacromial bursa via an arthroscope.
It will possibly keep me out for another two weeks, but if it isn't better by then I could be looking at an arthroscope," said the Italian international.
When patients complain of non-specific pain and swelling in the ankle and tests are normal, the arthroscope allows us to make a diagnosis without the need for invasive exploratory surgery," Stienstra explains.
Fred Frelic credits improvements in the arthroscope for advancing this field.
The procedure, developed 15 years ago, uses a steel tube containing a camera, known as an arthroscope, inserted into the joint.
The arthroscope and other surgical procedures that allow our athletes to recover more efficiently and quickly.
The investigators use a thin surgical tool called an arthroscope to inject the substances.
The opposite end of the arthroscope is very similar to a telescope.