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a type of endoscope that is inserted into a joint for visual examination

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By rotating the arthroscope lens in a radial direction, the radial styloid and joint capsule at that site can be seen (Fig.
41 / PN / ZP / D / 2016 Supply of consumables for the arthroscope for the Department of Orthopedics, University Hospital im.
41 / PN / ZP / D / 2016 Supply of consumables for arthroscope for the Orthopedic Clinic at the University Hospital of them.
The TrueView Direct autoclavable arthroscope system features single-hand control, allowing for seamless arthroscopy as the second hand can remain on the shaving or ablating device.
If your arthroscope is beyond economical repair, Kapp Surgical can replace your scope with a look-alike that will accept your existing accessories (sheaths, trocars, cables, cameras).
Tenders are invited for Arthroscope 30 Degree, 4 Mm With Wide Angle Make : Arthrex Germany /Conmed Linvatec India /Stryker Usa
Instead, only two small incisions are made - one for the arthroscope and one for the surgical implant.
HD Arthroscope - ConMed Linvatec brings another first to market with the HD arthroscope.
Tenders are invited for Arthroscope Complete Set With Shaver System Xenon Light Source And 3 - Chip Camera And Medical Monitor.
The specific arthroscope marketplace is worth PS150m.
This portal allows passage of the arthroscope or instruments between the posteromedial and posterolateral compartments and provides a large working space and broader field of view for better instrument maneuverability in the posterior aspect of the knee.
About 30 years ago, when I was working in England, a few eccentric orthopaedic surgeons were trying to look inside the knee joint with a clumsy-looking device that is now called Arthroscope.
We conducted a retrospective medical record cohort analysis of all ACL reconstruction surgeries in the Arthroplasty and Sports Arthroscope Unit of the Orthopedics Department, Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia between February and December 2014.
The arthroscope which we used was 4 mm wide at the angle of 30 degrees, without an arthropump.