arthropod family

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any of the arthropods

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Leaf species richness had no significant influence on arthropod family richness or diversity (Fig.
There can be positive and negative influence by canopy cover and soil moisture depending on the arthropod family (Greenberg & Forrest 2003).
Reporting is achieved at a high standard as seen in reputable international journals with contributions from authors written in the form of a scientific paper reporting on a particular arthropod family or order.
To place springtails on the arthropod family tree, molecular biologist Francesco Nardi of the University of Siena in Italy and his colleagues analyzed the genetics of cell structures called mitochondria in two springtail species and an insect.
They suspect it was worm-like and lacked the exterior skeleton that is a hallmark of the arthropod family. Whatever that animal resembled, Panganiban maintains, it had these genes and they already were doing something in a coordinated way.