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roentgenographic examination of a joint after injection of radiopaque contrast medium

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Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography, MRI and MR arthrography in the characterisation of rotator cuff disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Key words: anatomy, arthrography, radiography, metatarsophalangeal joint, avian, ostrich, Struthio camelus
MR arthrography (MRAr) was performed on one of the cadaveric wrists by intra-articular injection of the contrast media (10 ml liquid mixture of 0.
Humeral avulsion of the posterior band of the inferior glenohumeral ligament: MR arthrography and clinical correlation in 17 patients.
10) MR arthrography is selectively performed for increased accuracy in detecting ulnar collateral ligament tears, osteochondral defects and intraarticular bodies.
Computed tomographic arthrography (CTR) was recently described as an imaging technique that uses intraarticular administration of contrast to improve visualization of the intrasynovial and perisynovial soft tissues [7, 9].
TABLE 1: Comparison of Frequency of Detection of Ligaments on Conventional MRI And MR Arthrography LIGAMENTS CONVENTIONAL %AGE MRA %AGE P VALUE MRI SGHL 04 12.
Fluoroscopy is used in many types of examinations and procedures, including barium enemas, cardiac catheterization, arthrography, angiography and biopsies.
Anatomic study of the canine stifle using low-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and MRI arthrography.
For imaging of the labral-capsule ligamentous complex, magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) has been suggested to be the most accurate (Pavic et al 2013).
Background: Ultrasound (US)-guided injection is increasingly used for magnetic resonance (MR) arthrography of the hip.
Arthrography of the joints of the lumbar vertebral arches.
This edition has been updated to reflect current knowledge and controversies, has many new images, and has expanded practical tips for arthrography and other procedures.
Efficacy of ultrasonography-guided shoulder MR arthrography using a posterior approach.
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