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roentgenographic examination of a joint after injection of radiopaque contrast medium

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10) MR arthrography is selectively performed for increased accuracy in detecting ulnar collateral ligament tears, osteochondral defects and intraarticular bodies.
Pavic R, Margetic P, Bensic M and Brnadic RL (2013): Diagnostic value of US, MR and MR arthrography in shoulder instability.
The use of MR arthrography to document an occult joint communication in a recurrent peroneal intraneural ganglion.
Hegedus et al (2008) also reported the results of studies that used computed tomography results (Walch et al 1998) or double contrast arthrography (Litaker et al 2000) as reference standards.
We carried out this study to assess how pain and/or resistance during contrast material injection affects the diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis on magnetic resonance (MR) arthrography.
X-ray contrast medium for use in adults in cardioangiography, cerebral angiography, peripheral arteriography, abdominal angiography, urography, venography, CT enhancement, studies of the upper gastrointestinal tract, arthrography, hysterosalpinography (HSG) and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).
We reviewed the charts of 251 patients who underwent dual-detector spiral CT arthrography of the knee.
Other noninvasive imaging methods such as computed tomography (CT or CAT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and arthrography (joint X ray) show the whole joint.
He put me through two agonizing procedures--an electromyography and an arthrography.
Morris Hospital has taken advantage of the system's overhead X-ray tube and digital chest board to conduct standard chest, hand, foot and neck X-rays, as well as more specialized procedures such as myelograms, arthrography exams and lumbar punctures.
MRI with arthrography remains the gold standard for diagnosing UCL tears.
Magnetic resonance imaging and arthrography (MRI, MRA) are also widely used as they allow for visualization of rotator cuff pathology and other concomitant soft tissue lesions (SLAP, ALPSA, HAGL).
Some of these professional honors include, Airborne School Graduate, 1983; Army Service Ribbon, June 1989; Army Commendation Medal, June 1991, June 1997, October 2003; Army Achievement Medal, June 1996; Meritorious Service Medal, May 2001, May 2009; Kirk Award Honorable Mention for presentation: Glenoid Labrum Evaluation with MR Arthrography, MR Imaging, and CT Arthrography.
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