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roentgenographic examination of a joint after injection of radiopaque contrast medium

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Eighty-two hip arthrographic examinations were performed retrospectively in 82 consecutive patients.
Anterolateral ankle impingement: MR arthrographic assessment of the anterolateral recess.
Our aim was to compare the anterior with the posterior ultrasound-guided arthrographic injection approach in achieving optimal needle placement, ensuring accuracy in shoulder arthrography injections.
Lo S, Chen S, Lin H, Jim Y, Meng N, Kao M (2003) Arthrographic and clinical findings in patients with hemiplegic shoulder pain.
Although there are many studies in the literature dealing with the MR arthrographic findings of adhesive capsulitis, the results are a little confusing.
Hunter J, Blatz D and Escobedo E (1992): SLAP lesions of the glenoid labrum: CT arthrographic and arthroscopic correlation.
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries: a comparison of arthrographic and physical diagnosis.
Resnick, "Posterior capsular fibrosis in professional baseball pitchers: case series of MR arthrographic findings in six patients with glenohumeral internal rotational deficit," Clinical Imaging, vol.
Acetabular labral tears and cartilage lesions of the hip: indirect MR arthrographic correlation with arthroscopy--a preliminary study.
Perthes lesion (a variant of the Bankart lesion): MR imaging and MR arthrographic findings with surgical correlation.
The relevance of ligament tears or perforations in the diagnosis of wrist pain: an arthrographic study.
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