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an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium

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Arthrogram of the left pelvic limb of an ostrich at 215 days of age.
11 of these studies were performed as MR arthrograms. One was performed as a nonarthrographic, conventional MRI.
Patients also received a course of therapy and an intraarticular injection of marcaine, lidocaine, and steroid usually given at the same time as the MRI arthrogram dye.
I almost fainted when I saw my first knee arthrogram performed with an 18-gauge, 1-1/2-inch needle!"
An MRI or an arthrogram can confirm the diagnosis of meniscal tear.
If there is no response to treatment, the doctor may use an arthrogram, rather than an MRI, to inspect the injured area and confirm the diagnosis.
An arthrogram may demonstrate fluid erupting superiorly through the AC joint, hence the term "geyser sign".
Magnetic resonance arthrogram (MRA) showed a severely degenerated and torn acetabular labrum with paralabral cysts (Fig.
Patient had a right shoulder arthrogram that was read as negative.
If there is pain along the inside of the elbow and the Valgus stress test is positive, the physician will typically order an MR arthrogram. This is an MRI, but dye is added through an injection into the elbow joint.
I had an arthrogram on Thursday night and also a cortisone shot to deal with an injury I have been playing with for most of this season.
As a result, the patient was referred for MR imaging with intra-articular gadolinium (MR arthrogram) to assess the hip joint and intra-articular structures.