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an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium

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Arthrogram of the left pelvic limb of an ostrich at 215 days of age.
If I feel well enough to play tomorrow and the arthrogram is negative I will play because I want to be on the ice.
An MRI or an arthrogram can confirm the diagnosis of meniscal tear.
If there is no response to treatment, the doctor may use an arthrogram, rather than an MRI, to inspect the injured area and confirm the diagnosis.
Physicians benefit from the flexibility of customizable protocols and arthrogram procedures, and from the subspecialized image interpretations by Board Certified Radiologists.
Edmonds said he orders an MRI with an arthrogram, because evaluation of the labrum inside the hip requires an intra-articular injection by the radiologist.
They did an arthrogram on it, and an MRI and all those things,'' Dorrell said.
An arthrogram will both diagnose hinged abduction, with an increased subluxation index in abduction, and determine if it is reducible or irreducible.
Frequently, the reduction is evaluated with an arthrogram and a postreduction CT scan.
Norman Zemel, had an arthrogram performed Wednesday, a procedure in which dye is injected into the affected area to enhance X-rays.
MRI and MRI arthrogram are useful adjuvants to evaluate the labrum and should be obtained in patients with mechanical symptoms.
The possibility for a labral tear was considered and a magnetic resonance (MR) arthrogram was obtained.