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removal of fluid from a joint by centesis

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Serosanguinous fluid was removed from the intertarsal articulations by arthrocentesis and placed in a blood culture media in an attempt to improve culture sensitivity.
Gross deformity raises the possibility that simple arthrocentesis, lavage, and repositioning procedures may not be as successful, and that more aggressive surgery may be needed.
Arthrocentesis [ss] (draining fluid) of a major joint
Arthroscopy and arthrocentesis techniques do not remove the hyperplastic synovial tissues of ICR, nor do they reposition the articular disc into a normal functional position.
Evaluation of arthrocentesis on 2 separate occasions was unremarkable.
The next step is arthrocentesis, but be aware that white blood cells are not always present, and their absence does not mean much.
We also believe that it will enhance the quality of care for a broad range of other needle-guided procedures, like biopsy, nerve block, cyst aspiration, arthrocentesis, thoracentesis and paracentesis," said M.
Patzakis and colleagues were the first to mention the use of the SLT in 1975 when they described "extravasation of saline from the joint into the wound during arthrocentesis.
44,45) Ultrasound is also being used to guide a multitude of other procedures, including pericardiocentesis, thoracentesis, paracentesis, arthrocentesis, (46,47) therapeutic injections, (48,49) and more.
After admission to hospital A, the patient underwent arthrocentesis of the right knee.
Arthrocentesis of the left knee was performed revealing a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection of the prosthesis.
Procedural ultrasound for use in placing central venous catheters and performing thoracentesis and arthrocentesis will make life easier, faster, and safer for emergency physicians, Luis Haro, M.
Sibbitt, who is also Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of AVANCA, says the Procedur syringes have been successfully introduced into a number of typical syringe procedures including arthrocentesis, local anesthesia and joint injections with great clinical success and outstanding physician response.