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Plotwise, this sags in the middle like an overladen mule, grabbing your attention during the robbery at the start, then meandering arthritically for 100-odd minutes as Jesse canters his horse around the snowswept Mid-West, dropping in on colleagues and brooding on the nature of betrayal.
The fingers on the clock creaked arthritically Suddenly, a young man, with a shaven head, tattoos, his broad shoulders stretching his t-shirt, arrived on the scene with his young lady in tow.
Despite the range and complexity of the works at hand, many festival regulars seem arthritically receptive.
Bagwell is riding a Cooperstown cushion of burgeoning statistics, peer admiration for his work ethic and a quiet appreciation among baseball insiders for his determination to fight off the effects of an arthritically wasted right shoulder and, at 35, stay on top of his game.
18) His fate in the novel finally constrains him, his body bent and locked arthritically into place before his landlord's fire.