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pain in a joint or joints

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Data were obtained through chart reviews and included demographics (age and gender), family history, disease duration, disease phenotype (PG subtype), the presence of arthralgia or arthritis, laboratory test results, histopathologic features, and medications.
The arthralgia is most commonly symmetrical and peripheral being noted in the ankles, toes, fingers, elbows, wrists and knees.
The diagnosis of SSLR is primarily clinical, formulated based on the constellation of characteristic lesions, fever, adenopathy, facial edema, and/or arthralgia in conjunction with recent history (within 7-21 days) of offending medications or agents.
To determine the prevalence of CHIKV-associated persistent arthralgia in USVI, we compared the prevalence of persistent arthralgia among CHIKV case-patients and nonsymptomatic controls during December 2014-February 2016.
A 39-year-old male patient presented with a six-week history of symmetric arthralgia on his bilateral hand and foot joints.
At least one extrahepatic manifestation was present in 79% of patients, the most frequent being arthralgia (57%), myalgia (50%), fatigue (48%), sicca symptoms (15%; 22 patients had xerophthalmia, 14 had xerostomia, and six had both), hypothyroidism (12%), and thrombocytopenia (10%).
0001), including arthritis, skin disorders, and primary sclerosing cholangitis but not with arthralgia.
2 Initially denied by WHO that any case of CHIKV has been detected in Pakistan3 but soon confirmed the mysterious disease to be Chikungunya4 - a viral disease causing high grade fever and severe arthralgia in afflicted patients.
The patient who presents with weeks to months of unexplained arthralgia and perhaps arthritis and a negative autoimmune panel deserves consideration of chikungunya or another arbovirus, said Dr.
Overall, 129 (82%) children had rash, 87 (55%) had fever, 45 (29%) had conjunctivitis, and 44 (28%) had arthralgia.
A 62-year-old female presented with a three-day history of painful purple-red nodules on her face and extremities [Figure 1] associated with generalized malaise and arthralgia.
2] Musculoskeletal involvement such as arthritis, arthralgia, enthesitis and sacroiliitis can be seen in the course of BD.
On February 7, he sought medical advice for arthralgia in both hands and feet, joint swelling/synovitis, and a nonpetechial rash on the thorax.
GlobalData's clinical trial report, "Arthralgia Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015" provides an overview of Arthralgia clinical trials scenario.