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the quality of being adroit in taking unfair advantage

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Their artfulness at indicating how much of it they possessed has landed us the conflation of beauty and asset value we suffer now.
Collina, after joking that because he and Poll are good friends he has to agree with him, implicitly places himself closer to the players than perhaps Poll and his fellow English officials, fed up with what they see as players' artfulness, are prepared to put themselves.
All this, Kiarostami brings out in serenely composed, softly lit images that tend to conceal their artfulness, in much the same way as the film's stream of covert poetry mostly runs underground.
In true DuMont fashion, Aufgelassene Archive is beautifully printed and bound; yet that artfulness stands in curious contrast to the casualness of the poetry.
Though Foster insists that this biography is primarily about facts (what Yeats did), not interpretation, and is organized not by theme, like Ellmann's, but serially, because we live not thematically but day by day, the book's artistry and artfulness constantly belie the modesty of the claim.
Of course, everything Monica did, right from the very start was carefully calculated and crafted not with poetry but with an artfulness she hoped would catch and hold the President, from the ties she chose right down to that dress stained with the evidence of Clinton's perfidity which she sent, not to the dry cleaners but to her mother for safe keeping.
At one end of the gamut of artfulness stands Beckett.
Amid the nine men and women who parade and pose with an artfulness Proust might render as "seascape with frieze of dancers," Asnes is the outsider asking to be inside.
There really isn't any great artfulness to a story predicting who will be the Oscar winners Sunday, and this piece (which is just for fun, anyway) is no exception.
At the same time, with artfulness, candor and unexpected but welcome wit, Romm tells their mother/ daughter story through nine years of flashbacks since Jackie's diagnosis at 46, when Romm was 19.
Accordingly, any overt display of artfulness or blatant shaping of rhetorical devices inevitably weakens a documentary's capacity for veracious inscriptions of reality.
The artfulness of the structure is but one aspect of the film's tremendous self-confidence.
the mosaic floors with Jewish figural art at Beit Alpha, an ancient synagogue, and the "elaborate representational murals in the third-century synagogue at Dura-Europos in Syria," are compelling artifacts that document Jewish artfulness (Olin, p.
The play has the shaggy, artless artfulness of a great Robert Altman movie: Small moments catch fire, sympathetic glances take on unexpected meaning, tender alliances are formed.
As for the singing, the Westbrooks appear to have found a fine successor to Phil Minton in John Winfield, but I must confess to finding the artfulness of Kate Westbrook's work more and more difficult to bear.