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the quality of being adroit in taking unfair advantage

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With its emphasis on artfulness and narrative style, California Sunday carries echoes of The New Yorker, but with features on virtual reality and Blue Bottle Coffee instead of opera and Manhattan traffic.
How does this particular translator mimic the artfulness of this narrative device in English without giving the impression of artifice?
It is hostile to art and artfulness, "deliberately hostile .
All female protagonists in these picaresque tales share an elevated dose of physical beauty and artfulness that allow them to take advantage of their male counterparts, while pleasantly engaging the reader.
From skillful juggling, hand balancing, and trampoline bouncing, to perfectly coordinated hoop diving, skipping ropes, and Chinese yo-yos, the performers' acts spanned the full acrobatic spectrum with their awe-inspiring artfulness.
Success and sophisticated, nuanced products ultimately is less about artfulness and more about the art of execution.
Very solid cooking for the most part with plating that matches the artfulness of the room's decor, playful, teasing, mysterious, hidden secrets.
It's no surprise he himself was an example of the kind of artfulness and energy his pictures so vividly capture.
The history of the role of Judaism in Christian art--and art theory--illuminates the history of Jewish so-called artlessness from its source in Christianity's ambivalence about its own artfulness.
Sometimes artfulness is more important than mindfulness.
That is what this is, Duterte saying, "Bring me the head of Ryan Yu," without any of Peckinpah's artfulness, with only the muck, sordidness and mindlessness of sick life.
Satisfying though this process is in its technical fidelity to an original design, what is lost is something of the artfulness of the cutaway.
Their performances are notable for directness and simplicity - but don't expect the insights and artfulness of Schwarzkopf and Fischer-Dieskau's classic recording.
So while I can appreciate the thoroughgoing sincerity of Moore's writing, it often seems as though the poet was preoccupied with the poems' accessibility and sacrifices a good deal of artfulness to keep them straight-forward, poised, and, in some cases, just plain plain.