artesian well

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a well drilled through impermeable strata into strata that receive water from a higher altitude so there is pressure to force the water to flow upward

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Two poorly illustrated maps of the oasis are provided, one with the major artesian wells indicated.
The idea of protecting small public water supplies like his own from deliberate tampering became more pronounced as a result of the water testing he does for schools in the region that are not on a municipal water supply, but draw from artesian wells.
The majority of the province's artesian wells have dried up because of frequent droughts coupled with excessive consumption by farmers growing qat," he said.
A fenced pasture of approximately 160 acres fronting on Sneed Road, with two six-inch Artesian wells and micro-jet irrigation piping.
The rise of building and the construction of artesian wells around the spring has had a direct effect on the level of water and its pollution," explains Hamad Hasan, the mayor of Blbek.
While water delivery trucks have become a commonplace sight, a network of pipes to transport water from artesian wells has also taken shape, snaking along electricity poles belonging to Electricite du Liban.
The owners informed WAFA that a large Israeli military force, accompanied by heavy machinery, stormed Marj Bin Amer area in the village, before proceeding to demolish the three artesian wells, in addition to a shed and a water tank.
Drinking water obtained from various sources such as wells, springs, artesian wells, and the municipal water supply undergoes a purification process before being packaged in a plastic or glass bottle.
16 (BNA): The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) of Muslim World League (MWL) spent in the past year an amount of SR 16,387,689 to drill 1880 shallow and artesian wells in 13 countries of Asia and Africa to provide clean drinking water and irrigation in many remote villages in underdeveloped countries, benefiting about 400,000 people.
We have iron molds that we fill with water from artesian wells equipped with filters," he explained.
He also said rampant violations against artesian wells are unacceptable as the Kingdom suffers acute water shortages.
The Ministry of Irrigation completed 50 new artesian wells, with a cost of EGP 25m as part of the project to reclaim the 1m acres for cultivation, according to Hossam Moghazy, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation.
Founded in 1993, Fish Brewing Company is owned by over 400 beer drinking consumers, who pooled their resources to build a landmark brewery in Olympia, WA, which is known for its quality water and artesian wells.
QC recently built 72 mosques across Bangladesh at a cost of around QR4mn for the benefit of more than 10,000 people, besides drilling artesian wells at each mosque.