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an extractor consisting of a pair of pincers used in medical treatment (especially for the delivery of babies)

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The subcutaneous tissue is separated using a mosquito forceps or straight artery forceps.
In our case, penetrating foreign body was removed successfully by an artery forceps under auriculopalpebral nerve block along with retrobulbar nerve block in standing position of animal.
The artery forceps or spigot is removed and the saline is drained gradually (initial 20ml in 5 minutes) whilst observing for any bleeding.
Three small artery forceps are applied to the edge of the prepuce, one in the midline ventrally, two (side by side) in the midline dorsally.
15) Commonly, a small skin incision is made (5 mm), followed by blunt penetration through the muscles with a pair of artery forceps.
As well as being used for haemostatic control, artery forceps may be used as markers on swabs or packs as well as occasionally being used for blunt tissue resection.
1) in which an island of skin was removed after crushing it with artery forceps followed by apposing the incised edges with simple interrupted suture pattern using nylon whereas dorsal entropion of upper eyelid near to lateral canthus was corrected by arrow headed resection technique (Fig.
A landing net should be used at all times and, when unhooking, use gloves and long artery forceps to avoid your hand being lacerated by a chomping pike.
A strong artery forceps was used to twist the fourth side inwards thus freeing the edge and to slide the cup out of the anal orifice.
Analgesia was assessed as a response to artery forceps applied to the digit and skin proximal to the tarsal joint.
A skin incision was made beneath the chin, followed by blunt dissection upwards with artery forceps into the oral cavity beneath the tongue.
He controlled scalp bleeding by infiltration of adrenaline solution and then applying traction to the wound edges by means of a series of artery forceps applied to the underlying edge of the divided scalp aponeurosis.
A curved artery forceps was passed through the submental incision and then through subcutaneous layer, platysma, mylohyoid muscle, sub mucosa and oral mucosa.