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The study was undertaken to know an accurate formula for assessing risk factors of diabetic arteriosclerosis for Arabs in general and Omanis in particular.
These formulas were not relevant for the Arab countries, therefore the study was made to explore an accurate formula for assessing the risk factors of diabetic arteriosclerosis for Arabs in general and Omanis in particular.
What's spectacular about the discovery is the fact that individuals with this rare and particular mutation have a lower level of cholesterol in their blood and their risk of developing arteriosclerosis is 34 per cent less.
Furthermore, activation of Rho-associated kinases (ROCKs) also plays an important role in vascular arteriosclerosis [9].
ClickPress, Fri Sep 05 2014] Arteriosclerosis Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014
Elastic fibers are progressively lysed during maturation and aging and in an accelerated fashion in several aging diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, emphysema and several skin diseases.
Specifically, the five drugs include Qing Wen Granule, used to treat viral colds; Ru Xiao Kang Capsule, used to treat hyperplasia of mammary glands, breast swelling and mastadenoma; Stomach and Intestine Purifying Capsule, used to treat chronic gastritis, enteritis and ulcers; Juteng Capsule, used to treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, encephalatrophy and strokes; and Ding An Kang Granule, used to treat insomnia and irritability.
However, the results from several population studies indicate that a low level of this important vitamin may also be linked to a higher risk of ischemic heart disease, a designation that covers heart attack, coronary arteriosclerosis and angina.
Akihito was diagnosed last year with arteriosclerosis and stenosis, a narrowing of the blood vessels supplying the heart.
The findings were presented at the American Heart Association's Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 2012 Scientific Sessions.
Published in the January issue of the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, the findings may give clues as to why some antioxidant therapies have not yielded more positive results.
arteriosclerosis, but his condition was not life threatening, the Imperial
The suspects are accused of counterfeiting, selling and promoting fake medicines, among which is a version of the drug "Palvix" designated to treat heart disease and arteriosclerosis.
Located in Tafila Governorate about 180 KM south of the capital Amman, the hot spring has distinctive medical features because its waters contain carbon dioxide and bromide that help treat many diseases such as circulatory disorders and arteriosclerosis.
This problem needs awareness-raising campaigns starting from schools, particularly on the facts that being overweight and obesity cause hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis and cancer," Dr.