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one of the small thin-walled arteries that end in capillaries

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Hypertension in most patients is associated with sustained increases in systemic arteriolar tone compared with normotensive subjects.
reported a higher prevalence of focal arteriolar narrowing in patients with chronic open-angle glaucoma and NTG than in patients with ocular hypertension and normal controls [19].
These patients exhibiting mild or atypical diabetic glomerular lesions usually present severe tubulointerstitial lesions which include tubular atrophy, TBM thickening and reduplication, advanced glomerular arteriolar hyalinosis associated with atherosclerosis of large vessels, interstitial fibrosis, and global glomerular sclerosis.
[9], temporary decrease in vision secondary to severe retinal arteriolar spasm and retinal oedema.
Peripapillary choroidal thickness and retinal vascular caliber measurements Perforated eyes Fellow eyes p value PCT ([micro]m) 161.0 [+ or -] 46.3 162.6 [+ or -] 43.3 0.87 RVCa ([micro]m) 97.4 [+ or -] 6.0 98.5 [+ or -] 6.6 0.49 RVCv ([micro]m) 124.3 [+ or -] 13.7 123.5 [+ or -] 11.2 0.86 PCT: Peripapillary choroidal thickness, RVCa: Retinal arteriolar caliber, RVCv: Retinal venular caliber
By inhibiting the actions of angiotensin II, these drugs reduce afferent arteriolar vasoconstriction, decreasing glomerular hypertension and its consequences on glomerular structure and function.
However, despite beta-blockade with traditional agents has been previously shown to yield several favourable effects (7), some pharmacological properties of conventional beta-blockers could make them not ideal in patients with syndrome X, especially in those patients exhibiting increased arteriolar resistance.
Also, hypertension is a self-accelerating condition, and animal studies have suggested that relatively brief drug therapy during the prehypertensive phase might favorably alter the natural history by reversing the arteriolar hypertrophy and endothelial dysfunction that define prehypertension--thereby not just delaying, but preventing, clinical hypertension.
We have previously shown that acute pulmonary exposure to PM impairs or abolishes endothelium-dependent arteriolar dilation in the rat spinotrapezius muscle.
During the course of the entire research, Verhelst found that the liver involvement could be discrete and limited to vascular derangements on a microscopical level and may range to large direct shunts between the hepatic arteriolar branches and sinusoids (leading to arteriovenous shunts), between the portal vein and the central veins (portovenous shunts), and between the hepatic artery and the portal vein.
Furthermore, pregnant women are prone to develop occlusive vascular disorders due to arteriolar obstruction by complement-induced leukocyte aggregation has been found in the postpartum period.
The pathophysiology of central nervous system dysfunction in hypertension might be due to the arterial and arteriolar spasms in the blood vessels of the brain, which in combination with fibrinoid degeneration of the small arteries can lead to microinfarction in the grey nuclei and white matter.[9] Moreover, there is baroreceptor resetting mechanism occurring in hypertension that might interact with the sensory neurons and causes sensory deficits.[2]
The photos were checked for four types of retinopathy: arteriovenous nicking, focal arteriolar narrowing, retinal microaneurysms, and retinal hemorrhage.
These lesions are represented by thrombotic microangiopathy, arteriosclerosis, fibrous intimal hyperplasia of arterioles and interlobular arteries, organized thrombi in arteries and arterioles with or without recanalization, fibrous arterial and arteriolar occlusions, and focal cortical atrophy.