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roentgenographic examination of arteries

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The treatment is endoscopic or arteriographic, and resection is performed in only 5% of cases when control of bleeding has not been achieved by other first-line modalities.
The surgical choice is related to Shamblin classification (20-21), made in 1971 and based up the degree of involvement of the carotid vessels in carotid body tumors, as appear with arteriographic or MRI study.
Recent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of arteriographic embolisation or ultrasound-guided thrombin injection3 for temporary and definitive control of bleeding from pseudoaneurysms associated with chronic pancreatitis.
In addition, LDL-apo B has been associated with arteriographic changes in the FATS study and with decreased numbers of events and regression of coronary lesions in the SCRIP study (6,12).
B-mode ultrasound assessment of pravastatin treatment effect on carotid and femoral artery walls and its correlations with coronary arteriographic findings: a report of the Regression Growth Evaluation Statin Study (REGRESS).
Arteriographic and pathologic studies confirmed the diagnosis.
Electrocardiographic and coronary arteriographic correlations during acute myocardial infarction.