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an X ray of an artery filled with a contrast medium

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In one such case from Louisiana in 1993, a court upheld a liability ruling against a physician who had performed a femoral arteriogram using a new imaging technology, based on the principle that "it is a breach of the standard of care .
Quantitative analyses of the coronary arteriogram was available in 13 patients and confirmed that the additional reversible defects were in myocardial regions supplied by stenosed arteries.
Rheudasil could not determine visually if he had removed enough plaque to restore the free flow of blood, so he decided to perform an arteriogram before concluding the surgery.
At that time an arteriogram revealed that I had 40 percent carotid artery blockage, and the MRI showed a minor change in a small place of my brain.
Cooper performed an arteriogram and angioplasty on the patient at St.
An aortofemoral arteriogram was performed which ruled out haematoma-induced lumbar plexus compression.
The arteriogram allows the visualization of feeding vessels into the AVM and AVM nidus, as well as the draining veins; MRI does not have this capability.
Following embolization of numerous branches of the right lingual artery and the right internal maxillary artery, a left common carotid arteriogram was obtained.
A magnetic resonance image and arteriogram were normal.
An arteriogram revealed a prominent neovascular blush arising from the anterior branch of the left middle meningeal artery, lending credence to the preliminary diagnosis of meningioma.
Mercker will remain hospitalized at UC Irvine Medical Center this week while doctors perform additional tests, including another arteriogram, in an effort to determine the cause of Mercker's cerebral hemorrhage.
A: In June 1998, I had an arteriogram because I was in trouble.
With adequate dye in the vessels, a good coronary arteriogram is anatomically clear.
The Coronary Arteriographic Tree analysis program integrates 35 years of fluid dynamic research into automated quantification of the entire coronary artery tree for diffuse atherosclerosis as well as multiple blockages in all coronary arteries and branches on a CT or invasive coronary arteriogram.
Before acquiring a vascular CT arteriogram, unenhanced preliminary non-ECG-gated thicker images (1.