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change venous blood into arterial blood


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Additionally the arterialized TS drained through an enlarged transosseous venous channel in the left temporal bone into an elongated venous pouch along the left occipital pericranium.
Using native fluoroscopic roadmap guidance and sterile ultrasound, the arterialized venous pouch lying along the left retromastoid calvarium was punctured with a 21-gauge micropuncture needle.
Subsequent glucose infusion rates were based on arterialized plasma glucose values obtained every 5 min.
Blood gas estimations from arterialized capillary blood versus arterial puncture: are they different?
Further, 8 minutes after exercise ended, lactic acid was sampled from arterialized blood in the fingertip and the change in lactic acid was used to measure aerobic fitness.
At the end of each 3-min stage, 25 [micro]l of arterialized blood were drawn from the ear lobe to measure the blood lactate concentration [La-] (Yellow Springs 1500 Sport, Yellow Springs[R], USA).
The feeding artery will show a high-velocity, low-resistance waveform, and the draining vein may show pulsatile, arterialized flow (34) (Figure 14).
A multilevel spinal arteriogram of the patient in our case showed a single enlarged feeding artery arising from the right L1 segmental artery, leading to a dorsally located AVF at the T11 level, with early arterialized veins egressing both superiorly and inferiorly (Figure 3).
A: Arterialized capillary blood is sometimes an acceptable alternative to arterial blood when blood losses must be minimized, when an arterial cannula is not available, or when repeated arterial puncture must be avoided.
Nodular hyperplasia surrounding fibrolamellar carcinoma: a zone of arterialized liver parenchyma.
A carmula was placed each morning retrogradely into a vein draining a heated hand to provide arterialized blood.
Earlobe capillary blood was arterialized by the application of hyperemic cream (Finalgon, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Reims, France) at least 20 min before the first capillary sample.
of arterialized capillary blood gases evaluated 712 normal individuals between the ages of 1 month and 24 years.
Although a properly arterialized capillary blood sample can provide pH and [Pco.
At the 10th min and at the completion of the test, 25 [micro]l of arterialized blood were collected from the ear lobe through a heparinized capillary tube and immediately transferred to microcentrifuge tubes containing 50 [micro]l NaF (1%) for lactate [La] measurement (YSL 2300 STAT, Yellow Springs, OH, USA).