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change venous blood into arterial blood


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To determine the accumulation of BLa and BGL 20 [micro]l arterialized blood was drawn at rest, as well as in 1 min intervals for 10 min after each sprint test.
One staged arterialized nasolabial island flap for floor of mouth reconstruction.
Arterialized capillary sampling using histamine iontophoresis.
At 0630 h after an overnight fast of 10 h, an intravenous catheter (Jelco, 22G, Medex Medical Ltd, Lancashire, UK) was inserted, under sterile precautions, into the antecubital vein for infusion of insulin and 25 per cent dextrose solutions, while another catheter was inserted in an anti-flow direction into the dorsal vein of the contra lateral hand for arterialized blood sampling (using a warm box into which the hand was placed, maintained between 60 and 65[degrees]C).
Hunt, et al, (15) simultaneously collected arterialized (by histamine iontophoresis) and non-arterialized capillary samples from each study subject for comparison with arterial blood and found no difference in pH, pC[O.
Further, 8 minutes after the exercise was completed, an arterialized fingertip blood sample was taken and lactate was measured.
Therefore, the mixed venous blood flowing to these gas exchange units does not become arterialized because no ventilation is present to provide for oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide excretion.
Current patient care is based on measurement of glucose in venous blood or arterialized venous blood.
It's unknown whether an arterialized vein will prove more durable than the saphenous vein grafts now viewed by CABG surgeons as suboptimal conduits.
Blood was obtained via arterialized capillary or arterial samples.
Little work has been conducted to assess repeatability and relation of arterialized plasma catecholamines to blood pressure in elderly subjects.
The first drop of blood was discarded and 25 [mu]L of arterialized blood was collected shortly thereafter.
Venous drainage of the AVF is by a high-pressure, low-flow arterialized vein intradurally.
Immediately before and two minutes after, every other training session, each subject undertook fingertip' arterialized blood sampling.
A fistula is a configuration that results in arterial blood flowing into a vein that subsequently becomes arterialized.