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change venous blood into arterial blood


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Veins located in the interlobular septa with medial hypertrophy and arterialization (doubling of the elastic layer) suggest a diagnosis of pulmonary venous hypertension in patients with left-sided heart disease (Movat, original magnification x40).
Arterialization of deep dorsal vein of penis for penile ischemia.
Arterialization strategies not effective: Several of these studies (15), (16), (18) tested the effectiveness of strategies aimed at arterializing capillary blood.
There may be a new option for the severe ischemic heart disease patient with no options: percutaneous in-situ coronary venous arterialization.
This temperature ensured that local arterialization or maximal vasodilatation was achieved in the transcutaneous tissue underneath the electrode.
A lower extremity venous Doppler examination demonstrated arterialization of the venous system from a fistulous connection (Figure 1).
Arterialization of central zone that shows small arteries in scarred centrizonal areas accompanied by a mild ductular reaction, as well as the portal-like structures such as seen in focal nodular hyperplasia or hepatic adenoma, presents pitfalls in determining LIBD.
2] in earlobe samples could be insufficient arterialization of blood due to venus admixture.
It is not fully understood why stenoses are so typical there, but if present the stenosis will limit blood flow into the vein that is to become the fistula and it will not properly enlarge and undergo arterialization.