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change venous blood into arterial blood


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Arterialization of deep dorsal vein of penis for penile ischemia.
The method of arterialization was almost exclusively heel warming, usually by immersing the heel in warm water (40[degrees]C to 45[degrees]C) for five to 10 minutes prior to heel stab, or using a warmed surgical-plastic device.
The company also received approval from TUV Product Service to affix the European CE Mark to two critical medical device components of its system for Cath Lab Bypass, Percutaneous In-Situ Coronary Venous Arterialization (PICVA(TM)).
Arterialization of the liver causes baro-injury in cirrhosis and focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH).
7) Doppler ultrasound (US) may show a characteristic enlarged vascular space with, in the case of an arteriovenous fistula, decreased resistance of the arterial waveform, and arterialization of the venous waveform.