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Uncalibrated arterial pulse contour analysis versus continuous thermodilution technique: effects of alterations in arterial waveform.
18) Pulse wave velocity is defined as the velocity of the arterial pulse as it moves along the vessel wall.
Studies of the arterial pulse wave and its modification in the presence of human arteriosclerosis.
The arterial pulse wave analysis of the radial artery is based on a modified Windkessel model that allows an evaluation of the elasticity of the large conduit arteries (C1) and the small microcirculatory arteries (C2) (Cohn et al.
He was quickly removed from his full pressure suit and found to have no arterial pulse.
We concluded that these abnormal waves represented artifact that corresponded to the arterial pulse on the patient's face.
Normal individual ICP pulse waveforms (Fig 1) generally have three characteristic peaks of decreasing height that correlate with the arterial pulse waveform and are referred to as P1 (percussion wave), P2 (tidal wave), and P3 (dicrotic wave).
An-Harmonic Modeling of the Peripheral Distortion of the Arterial Pulse
Mathematical Methods for Determining the Foot Point of the Arterial Pulse Wave and Evalution of Proposed Methods // Information Technology and Control, 2005.
Anaesthetic monitoring is broadly summarised with some valuable guides on insertion and use of common and novel monitoring modalities including pulmonary artery catheters and arterial pulse contour analysis.
PEMF induces tiny microcurrents into tissues, and a form of biofeedback known as the vascular autonomic signal (VAS), detected with the radial arterial pulse, is used to select the appropriate frequencies and anatomical locations for stimulation.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis; that chronic inflammation may impair vascular function and lead to an increase of arterial pulse wave velocity (PWV) in patients with Wegener's granulomatosis (WG).
Uryash presented data in a small animal model showing that analysis of the arterial pulse waveform provided evidence of the effectiveness of nitric oxide released with WBPA.
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