arterial pressure

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the pressure of the circulating blood on the arteries

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Systolic BP and Diastolic BP and Mean Arterial Pressure were compared in the two groups using unpaired 't' test using SPSS software version 22.
Systolic arterial pressure (SAP), mean arterial pressure (MAP), and diastolic arterial pressure (DAP) were obtained by a non-invasive technique using oscillometric type device Dixtal[R], model DX2710 (Dixtal Manaus/AM, Brazil).
The Company's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Sandeep Yadav was previously COO of Cardiomems, one of the pioneers of the monitoring of pulmonary arterial pressure.
Patients whose mean arterial pressure was detected as not less than 25 mmHg by right cardiac catheterization in a quiescent condition or as no less than 30 mm Hg in a motion state and patients who had not suffered from acute attack of COPD or acute lung infection were included.
Keywords: Caesarean delivery, Hypotension, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Syntocinon.
Comparison of continuous non-invasive finger arterial pressure monitoring with conventional intermittent automated arm arterial pressure measurement in patients under general anaesthesia.
Hemodynamic disorders were related to cardiac adverse events, so it was meaningful to compare the mean heart rate and mean arterial pressure between groups.
The assessment of pulmonary arterial pressure was made by measurement of maximum tricuspid insufficiency (TI), end-diastolic pulmonary insufficiency (PI), the ratio of acceleration time (AT) to ejection time (ET) (AT/ET), right atrial pressure (RAP) and contraction of vena cava inferior during inspiration [10].
When comparing results with baseline measures, Nagarajan's research team observed a significant increase in the breathing group's HRV and decrease in their respiration rate and mean arterial pressure during quiet standing--despite the small number of participants.
Therefore, the rate of oxygenation of the heart increases, and at the same time, decreases arterial pressure," the researchers concluded.
An automated injection of vasopressors in response to the feedback from a continuous noninvasive arterial pressure (CNAP[TM]) measuring device was applied in a closed-loop system for the management of arterial blood pressure (ABP) during surgery [1].
3-5) For instance, chemical stimulation of the VTA with L-glutamate decreases both arterial pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) mediated by an inhibition of sympathetic but not the parasympathetic fibers.
Objective: To determine the efficacy of nalbuphine in preventing increase in heart rate and mean arterial pressure in response to laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation.
Altered pressure levels were defined by the Brazilian Hypertension Guidelines, such as pressure equal to or higher than 95% of arterial pressure distribution, and taking into consideration the child's age, sex and height (MION JUNIOR et al.
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