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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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Indications and complications of arterial catheter use in surgical or medical intensive care units: analysis of 4932 patients.
Therefore, we initially suspected that the mechanism of the digital embolic was thrombotic in nature, secondary to the radial arterial catheter.
The gold-standard sample for blood-gas analysis is arterial blood obtained anaerobically via an indwelling arterial catheter (most often sited at the radial artery in adults and the umbilical artery in neonates), or arterial puncture.
Variables affecting probability of patency of the catheter included the use of anticoagulant therapy, catheter length (less than 2 inches vs longer than 2 inches), arterial catheter site (femoral vs other), and gender.
In the 118 patients younger than 6 months with an arterial catheter larger than size 4 French, the prevalence was 36 percent.
This ingenious combination monitors blood pressure and fluid status without burdening the patient's body with risky, invasive procedures always requiring an arterial catheter.
5) The complications reported included accidental catheter removal, (6) vascular insufficiency, (2) infection, (1,2,5,6) circulatory impairment, (1) bleeding at the femoral arterial catheter site, (2) arterial occlusion, (5) neurological impairment, (1) vessel perforation, (1) local infection, (1,5) and clot formation in the catheter.
A 13 French gauge femoral arterial catheter was sited into the left femoral artery and a 15 French gauge femoral venous catheter into the right femoral vein.
The performance of Primo was tested against that of an invasive arterial catheter.
So far during procedures the physician either had to place an arterial catheter or fall back on upper arm measurement, which only provides a value every 3 to 15 minutes," explains the head of CNSystems, Jurgen Fortin.
The study's goal was to test the Vasotrac Continual Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor, and specifically, to compare the Vasotrac to an invasive arterial catheter, considered to be the "Gold Standard" in regard to accuracy.
The three arms of the study were designed to measure both total and partial anticoagulant reversal, with all REG1 subjects undergoing planned early arterial catheter sheath removal.
The study will compare the Medwave Vasotrac Monitor to an invasive arterial catheter with patients undergoing various surgical procedures.
93 area under the curve, AUC) at predicting fluid responsiveness when compared to pulse pressure variation from an invasive arterial catheter (0.
PHP involves delivering chemotherapy via an arterial catheter threaded through the blood vessels to the liver.