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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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Underdamping is caused by resonance in the system, which can be controlled by a propriety device inserted between the arterial catheter and the transducer.
After that arterial catheter was advanced on the guidewire into the artery lumen, guidewire was removed and catheter was secured.
Similarly inadvertent removal of the arterial catheter, in the post operative period before data collection was also excluded from the study.
We are reporting a method of LA pressure monitoring in three Arterial switch operations in TGA neonates in which 22Gx8cm Teflon coated vygon arterial catheter was inserted in the Right Interval Jugular Vein (Rt IJV) that was directed during atrial septum repair by the operating surgeon into LA.
Indications and complications of arterial catheter use in surgical or medical intensive care units: analysis of 4932 patients.
A comparison of the efficacy of heparinized and nonheparinized solution for maintenance of perioperative radial arterial catheter patency and subsequent occlusion.
A radial arterial catheter was sited on day 6, before which multiple repeated radial 'stab' arterial blood gases had been performed.
The gold-standard sample for blood-gas analysis is arterial blood obtained via an indwelling arterial catheter or by arterial puncture.
More recently, a randomised double blind study (Tuncali et al 2005) involving 200 patients found no significant differences between heparinised and non-heparinised flush solutions in the maintenance of perioperative arterial catheter patency and the incidence of subsequent radial arterial occlusion.
Clifton et al (1) compared the patency of isotonic sodium chloride solution and heparin solutions for maintenance of arterial catheter patency in 1991.
On the day of the experiment, the arterial catheter was connected to a pressure transducer (BIOPAC Systems Inc.
The study's goal was to test the Vasotrac Continual Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor, and specifically, to compare the Vasotrac to an invasive arterial catheter, considered to be the "Gold Standard" in regard to accuracy.
Treatment of a thrombosed popliteal artery aneurysm entails thrombolytic therapy directed by arterial catheter, followed by surgical bypass or an endovascular stent graft.
Several studies have been conducted covering issues such as comfort, accuracy an arterial catheter, and effective use in the morbidly obese population with positive results.
Johnson & Johnson WoundManagement, a division of ETHICON, has received FDA clearance for new labeling for BIOPATCH Antimicrobial Dressing that recognizes its efficacy in reducing bloodstream infections caused by central venous or arterial catheter infections.