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a process that impregnates something with calcium (or calcium salts)

tissue hardened by deposition of lime salts

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an inflexible and unchanging state

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Active Vitamin D inhibits the phagocytosis of cholesterol by macrophages and reduces foam cell formation, leading to a decrease in macrophage activity, which reduces the risk of arterial calcification and atherosclerosis.
Eicosapentaenoic acid reduces warfarin-induced arterial calcification in rats.
Magnesium retards the progress of the arterial calcifications in hemodialysis patients: a pilot study.
Calciphylaxis as a rare pathological and clinical entity generally develops in patients with renal failure, chronic dialysis and multiple factors aggravating arterial calcification and progressive peripheral ischaemic necrosis.
Additionally, the report provides an overview of key players involved in therapeutic development for Arterial Calcification and features dormant and discontinued projects.
Cardiovascular risk was assessed with three tools: the Framingham Risk Score (FRS), the 2013 Cholesterol Guidelines Pooled Cohort Equation (PCE), and the breast arterial calcification (BAC) score.
KEY WORDS: Breast arterial calcification, Bone mineral density, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Menopause.
Indeed, the levels circulating undercarboxylated MGP can be used as an indicator for vascular calcification, whereby an inverse relationship exists between serum ucMGP and the degree of arterial calcification.
Hogne Vik, CEO, NattoPharma ASA, the manufacturer of MenaQ7, stated, "to the best of my knowledge this is the first clinical evaluation showing that progression of arterial calcification can be prevented with supplemental vitamin K2.
In the present study, we have addressed the question whether treatment of osteoporosis benefits arterial calcification or vice versa, because both adipocyte and osteoblast originate from the same mesenchymal cell of the bone marrow cell (BMC) population.
5 April 2011 - Norwegian biopharma company NattoPharma ASA (OSL: NATTO) said today it will carry out along with the Dutch Heart Foundation a clinical trial of its MenaQ7 product on patients with coronary arterial calcification (CAC).
The adult-onset condition is associated with progressive and painful arterial calcification affecting the lower extremities, yet spares patients' coronary arteries.
1), particularly with regard to the possibility of increased arterial calcification.
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