arterial blood gases

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measurement of the pH level and the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in arterial blood

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Total quantity or scope: Purchase and supply of reagents for the determination of arterial blood gases, biochemistry, immunochemistry analyzers with leasing and maintenance system Marcel for a period of 36 months.
Thus, Arterial Blood Gases in conjunction with these additional analytes provide a comprehensive view of the patient at a single point in time.
In addition, no significant differences were detected in postoperative arterial blood gases, time to extubation, or vigilance and recovery score between the two groups.
Normal values for arterial blood gases are very dependent on postnatal age (Fig.
Advanced pulmonary function equipment, including cardiopulmonary exercise testing, arterial blood gases, bronchoprovocation, evaluation of lung mechanics, respiratory muscle function, respiratory control, and impedance plethysmography, are all available in the ambulatory practice.
Arterial blood gases (tests) works with cartridges of 300 tests (including 150 syringes) reports ph, pco2, po2 na, k, ca, lactate, glucose, hematocrit, so2 (measured parameters) reports hc03, hc03std, tco2, beecf, be (b), s02, thb, ca ++ (7.
Arterial blood gases, serum potassium and other electrolytes were normal.
During routine care, a minimum of eight heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2) samples were recorded for each patient, while arterial blood gases with CO-oximetry (SaO2) and hemodynamics were determined.
2] monitoring has greatly reduced the number of arterial blood gases ordered.
Optical Sensors, based in Minneapolis, has developed and is marketing the SensiCath(R), which provides precise measurement of arterial blood gases -- a vital parameter in assessing the status of critically ill patients -- without depleting the patient's blood supply or exposing healthcare workers to blood.
Rostow also presented two abstracts that demonstrated "significant reductions" in weaning time (68% faster) and fewer confirmatory arterial blood gases (33% fewer) when caregivers used the Masimo SET oximeter as compared with the conventional pulse oximeter.
Turnaround time (TAT) for arterial blood gases in the ICCU has been a recurring concern at our facility and among caregivers generally for many years.
The powerful PWS System will let caregivers initiate and track diagnostic and treatment procedure orders throughout Jackson's diagnostic testing departments, which include: Laboratory, Radiology, (Ultrasound, CatScan, Dexascan, Bone Densitometry, Nuclear Medicine, and Mammography), Pulmonary Function Analysis, Arterial Blood Gases, Electrocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound.
Drawing arterial blood gases is, of course, a very important task for the respiratory therapist and pulmonary function technologist.