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7] observed throbbing bleeding indicating arterial bleeding during lateral meniscectomy, the arterial structure itself was not detected.
Today we have arterial bleeding in the guise of gun violence.
The pulsy nature and force of bleeding were indicative of arterial bleeding.
Arterial bleeding may be phasic, with periods of vasospasm followed by profuse bleeding.
The animals underwent surgery to generate major arterial bleeding under normal blood pressure conditions (set-up 1) and a 50% increase in arterial blood pressure (set-up 2) induced via concurrent dopamine infusion (5-10 Ag.
Dry fibrin sealant dressing was used on only one injured Soldier, and it successfully stopped the arterial bleeding where all other attempts had been futile.
Ranger First Responders are taught to immediately control bleeding and apply a tourniquet when confronted with massive arterial bleeding from an extremity wound.
The haematoma had expanded to 143 mm in largest axial diameter, but there was no evidence of active arterial bleeding (Fig.
To treat such injuries, Soldiers are trained in the use of pressure bandages, tourniquets, nasal airway tubes, needles, litters and hemostatic dressings designed to create "an almost instantaneous clot" on areas of arterial bleeding, Lt.
The first rule, he says, is to avoid arterial bleeding.
PC Slaney recognised it as arterial bleeding and placed his bare hand over the wound to staunch the blood flow.
Effective in controlling arterial bleeding, it conforms and adheres to irregular spaces, making it invaluable in such cases where use of ligatures or conventional methods of hemostasis are ineffective.
A post mortem will reveal the exact cause of death but I would say from experience that he died from blood loss due to arterial bleeding.
Catheter Advancement: needle and guide wire withdrawn after arterial bleeding noted from outer end of the catheter.
If you had the pleasure of obtaining femoral arterial blood gas samples back in your medical student days, you may recall that firm direct pressure for several minutes will generally stop even arterial bleeding.