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of or relating to artifacts


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The two shafts were artefactually sterile, although one contained some aurochs and cattle bone.
The only significant laboratory finding in a 64-year old male was an artefactually low HDL cholesterol.
Direct, or nonextraction, assays of male sex hormones occasionally yield artefactually increased results [1, 2].
The archaeological levels are artefactually variable.
Chamber 4, containing the artefactually richest intact interment'--a female whose dress was suggestive of queenly status--led on to 'Room V' in which two richly arrayed children were found.
One such layer, 618,6, was a dark, soft and artefactually rich deposit dating, on stratigraphic and ceramic evidence, to the transition between the Bladen and Lopez Mamom phases, close to 600 BC.
Artefactually there were a number of parallels between this area and the early on-site assemblages, suggesting that they might be contemporary.