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of or relating to artifacts


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Unfortunately the fieldwork agencies in France and Italy omitted the phrase in the final version of the translated instrument, so that the item in those samples becomes artefactually closer to the fourth item.
Population was again described by Foucault in this essay both naturalistically, as an empirical phenomenon with 'processes,' and artefactually, as the construction of objects of government through the investigation of administered individuals.
Kelly 1995); (b) as several of our hypotheses imply convergence amongst mental models, nomothetic methods, by constraining choice, are likely to force participants to consider organizations and bases of competition that they may not ordinarily consider relevant, and thus might lead artefactually to greater convergence than with free response methods.
Director Mark Jones explains that the version of Scottish history presented is artefactually driven while his opponents mutter darkly (and preposterously) about a conspiracy to suppress the great man's significance.
Any regression to the mean, the authors realized, would tend artefactually to indicate the high ability subjects' declining faster; in fact, all of the results went in the opposite direction.
Regional variations were not found within Scotland for these well-defined cases, but these may occur artefactually in the future if, for instance, per capita inpatient psychiatric services are reduced or more private nursing homes open in some areas than others.
The only significant laboratory finding in a 64-year old male was an artefactually low HDL cholesterol.