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of or relating to artifacts


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2013), mediante diferentes lineas de analisis, retomaron dicha tematica y establecieron que las piezas del conjunto artefactual analizado por ellos fueron utilizadas, en primer lugar, como cabezales liticos, y luego, como cuchillos enmangados, tanto para procesar materiales animales como vegetales.
The finds of artefactual assemblages--mainly pottery and metal artefacts-- along with abundant botanic remains of broad bean (Vicia faba var.
Stomatocyte may also be artefactual and should be suspected when less than 10% of red cells are stomatocytes.
Los antipsicoticos atipicos surgieron con la promesa de una mejoria de los sintomas negativos, y varios estudios mostraron esta ventaja como un efecto artefactual (3).
Such an artefactual correlation is not likely to occur between the change in the value of the said parameter and the average (or sum) of the basal and final values [47].
More than anything else such a division in artefactual evidence should be interpreted as a syntheses of two cultures.
He covers a history of the discussion on monotheism paradigms, textual and artefactual evidence for a native pantheon, three categories of appropriation, Baal, polemic appropriation of Baal, appropriation through implied polemics and non-polemic transference, and mapping the rise of monotheistic Yahwism.
1999; Miotti y Salemme 2004; Marchionni 2013); sumado a un conjunto artefactual tecnologicamente similar al de UE6 (predominancia unifacial), pero que ademas cuenta con objetos claramente bifaciales: dos fragmentos de puntas de pescado (PCP) (ver la figura 3a).
Chapter 6 discusses the pretense of explaining artefactual function, especially the proper function, in reference to intentions.
The increasing use of Pipelle and other methods of biopsy not necessitating general anaesthesia has resulted in greater numbers of specimens with scant tissue, resulting in problems in assessing adequacy and in interpreting artefactual changes, some of which appear more common with outpatient biopsies.
Hence, these findings were compatible with a diagnosis of artefactual condition.
Patient Wearing;###Presence Of Artefactual Shadow Of The Offending
One comparative advantage of artefactual theories over their rivals is their conformity with our pre-theoretic intuition according to which fictional characters are created entities.
Unlike in BCC, peripheral palisading and artefactual clefting are notably absent.