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a unit of weight used in some Moslem countries near the Mediterranean

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Artal gave an example of a Zariski pair for 3-Artal arrangements.
In addition to reducing the risk of developing of gestational diabetes, Bung and Artal [23] also found that exercise has a critical role to play once GDM has been diagnosed, potentially resulting in avoiding insulin therapy.
Guimaraes currently serves as the managing director of The Invus Group, an affiliate of Artal Luxembourg SA, which he joined in 1998.
According to the Labour Market Regularity Authority, Mr Mia was working for Isa Ali Isa Mahdi as a salesman but his employment visa was not valid, while Mr Uddin's invalid visa stated he worked at Artal Construction.
Severe depression were tested and its validity verified by Antaniyo in 1986 (Lobo, Perez-Echeverria, & Artal, 1986).
Dr Qureshi then joined forces with Professor Pablo Artal to see if they could use the technology to tackle the historical challenges of AMD treatment.
Guirao A, Redondo M, Geraghty E, Piers P, Norrby S, Artal P.
Benito, Redondo y Artal, 2011; Yang, Wang, Zhao y Fang, 2011).
Cuestionario de salud general de Goldberg" (General Health Questionnaire, GHQ-28; Goldberg y Hillier, 1979) version espanola de Lobo, Perez-Echeverria y Artal (1986).
El conde don Lope de Artal vivia regularmente en Zaragoza, como que siempre estaba al lado de su alteza.
Another correction, suggested by a recent experiment carried out by the teams of Pablo Artal (University of Murcia, Spain) and David Williams (Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester), happens when the brain simply adapts to its particular eye-aberration pattern, removing part of the aberration-induced blur.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages pre-pregnancy maintenance of vigorous intensity and muscular-strengthening exercises with only slight modifications (ACOG, 2007; Artal & O'Toole, 2003).
Emotional distress was evaluated using the Spanish version of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28; Lobo, Perez-Echeverria, & Artal, 1986), with .
Psychological instruments completed by study participants included the Spanish version of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28; Lobo, Perez-Echeverria, & Artal, 1986) and the TEA Personality Test (TPT; Corral, Pamos, Perena, & Seisdedos, 2004).