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a unit of weight used in some Moslem countries near the Mediterranean

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Artal was lead author of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 2002 guidelines on exercise during pregnancy.
Artal has introduced the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain in Pakistan As the second largest restaurant chain worldwide, KFC operates in over 70 countries with more than 10,000 restaurants.
Aflalo Guimaraes is a managing director of The Invus Group, LLC, an affiliate of Artal Luxembourg S.
The recently published IOM recommendations for gestational weight gain are virtually identical to those published in 1990 with one exception: obese women are now recommended to gain 11-20 pounds compared to the previous recommendations of at least 15 pounds," Artal said.
Although exercise is promoted to the general population for its well-recognized benefits, it is still not adequately accepted or recommended during pregnancy, according to Raul Artal, M.
Wadie Tadros, $2,000; Doreece Artal, $2,000; Denver resident Laureen Schadle, $1,500; R.
The lively Steve Impey led the scoring for Hawks on 24, Andy Maher hit 19 and Andy Artal 18.
The Artal Group has open Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1997 and now they are leading the food franchise business in Pakistan in terms of number of outlets.
The financing round was led by Artal Luxembourg and Ambergate Trust, and included European investment company Gimv, among others.
a private placement of 149,253,731 shares of common stock to Artal International S.
In this month's Master Class, my guest professor is Raul Artal, M.
Wadie Tadros, $2,000; Doreece Artal, $2,000; Women's Clinic Medical Group, $1,000; Dr.
The sales team negotiators are: (left to right) Kate Hallam, Carol Artal, Natasha Clark and Kate Phillpot, with Knight Frank Sales Manager, Eamonn Colman in the centre
The recent induction of Artal Group in bakery is a case in point.
Artal JP, Sokol RJ, Neuman M, Burstein AH, Stojkov J.