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someone studying to be an artist

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And this year, to support fine art students at Newcastle University, some big art world names have come up with the goods - in the form of something you can use as a bookmark or hang on your wall.
Jenny Andrews, a fine art student also taking part in the auction, said: "The degree show is a big deal for us and we are hoping to raise money to make it a good one.
Jude Davies, first year fine art student, and Carys Boyle, foundation degree art student at Newi, worked together on a design proposal which came third.
Using the Beaux Arts Ball, presented by The Foundation for Architecture in Philadelphia, as a model, our art students created the New Hope/Solebury Beaux Arts Ball.
Having art students all in one place is very helpful for creative directors and art directors in need of innovative young talent.
Fine art student Ed, who is from Peterborough, explained: "He went on a trip to Ibiza where John Lennon had a villa and they found out he was up for posing for the photographers.
College art students were briefed to design an image that made use of bold, vibrant colour linked to heritage, locality and industry.
FINE ART student Michael Marczewski has just completed his BA degree and had his work shown at the Middlesex University's 2009 degree show in East London.
So the first year fine art student at John Moores University turned herself into a living sculpture to draw attention to the Size Zero debate.
Charlene's twin sister, Sophie, also an art student, and their cousin Cheryl Shaw, aged 17, were both wounded in the attack.
Erin, an art student at her Canadian high school, comes to class one morning and is shocked to find out that Marcel, a gay friend, has been beaten up and is in critical condition at a local hospital.
Fine art student Adam Pepper, 18, of Middlesbrough, who wants to be a graphic designer, added: "This is a great way to bring the year to an end and everyone is working well together for a good cause.
SEVEN fine art students at Coventry University have awards of pounds 500 each to spend on studies thanks to the Jane Sutton Memorial Fund, set up in memory of the former Coventry art student.
The house is as famous in its own way as Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House and Philip Johnson's Glass House," said Hashey, who noted she became acquainted with Rudolph when she was an art student in the Yale Graduate School of Arts when he was head of the architectural department.
Nauman reveals that he became an art student in college because he "wasn't doing very well in the other stuff.