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a school specializing in art

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The art school was opened in one of the existing schools, and consists of 6 rooms.
Among them are Art Gazette, Production Studio, Azerbaijan Animation Museum named after Nazim Mammadov, Art School Drawing School, "Under open air" plein air, Art Residence, Youth Network.
They're catering for babies through to teens and have a range of activities, from structured art schools to dressing up as zombies, with a whole load of artistic messy fun inbetween.
They've catered for babies to teens and have a range of activities from structured art schools to dressing up as zombies, with a whole load of artistic messy fun in-between.
The Art School is regarded as one of Liverpool's top restaurants.
The Children's Art School director Chloe Williams said: "It's been a very fun day.
AN ART school have launched a research project to collect the stories of former students and staff who served in World War I.
In other words, as an 18 year old, art school was the place where I learned about art history, other cultures, politics and philosophy.
Friday is the annual Art School degree show street party.
Posters advertising Chile's newest art school have a surprising symbol on them: a swastika.
The Art School road, Patel Road, Gordat Singh Cross, and Kasi Road vegetable market have been declared one-way till the Eidul Azha.
A PETITION running to more than 500 names was being submitted today in protest at plans to turn a historic Birmingham art school into a university college.
The volume explores the brilliant architecture of the art school complex and includes numerous color photographs of the derelict structures as well as historical photos and architectural drawings.
Many of the young artists that Shafei exhibits have come out of these state art schools, but as Shaalan explains, the art school system in Egypt needs to be restructured for many reasons.
Mikkel Bogh's "Borderlands: The Art School Between the Academy and Higher Education" defines the position of the academy in Denmark as "a place where students and the best practioners in the field can meet, where they can exchange ideas, share experiences, and challenge each other to learn, to sharpen, and to develop their own practice--and to develop new knowledge, which can take the profession one step further" (72).