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a school specializing in art

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The Children's Art School runs regular art clubs for children of all ages and works with schools.
Now the art school hope to build an archive of material about those who feature on it.
Alongside Rising Star Outreach, the Bindu Art School enables those with leprosy to use art as a way of building a new life with financial independence and community respect.
Going to art school is a choice which, for a lot of people, offers a time of self-questioning and a moment to experiment without the pressure of immediate outcomes.
Building a new school for Regina Mundi and the remodeling and expanding the Art School of the schools campus KASOG.
The unfortunate fire that struck the Mackintosh building has shown how much love there is for the Art School, so this year may have more poignancy.
Martin Perryman, director at Turner and Townsend, said: "We are delighted that we now have the opportunity to continue our support for the college through the new Wirral Art School Gallery.
There would be entry on Kasi road from Bacha Khan Chowk side and entry on Art School road would be from the Mccongy road and Art School road cross.
A PETITION running to more than 500 names was being submitted today in protest at plans to turn a historic Birmingham art school into a university college.
The volume explores the brilliant architecture of the art school complex and includes numerous color photographs of the derelict structures as well as historical photos and architectural drawings.
Many of the young artists that Shafei exhibits have come out of these state art schools, but as Shaalan explains, the art school system in Egypt needs to be restructured for many reasons.
Mikkel Bogh's "Borderlands: The Art School Between the Academy and Higher Education" defines the position of the academy in Denmark as "a place where students and the best practioners in the field can meet, where they can exchange ideas, share experiences, and challenge each other to learn, to sharpen, and to develop their own practice--and to develop new knowledge, which can take the profession one step further" (72).
Beginning in August, the art school will offer an associate in fine arts degree, the first of its kind in the state, Sadow said.
Award recipient Glenna Avila is the director of CalArts' Community Arts Partnership, which links the local art school to community art centers and public schools throughout Los Angeles County, providing college-level arts education to middle and high school students.