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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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Approximately 340 mAO art rock as floor covering on flameproof styrodur in freshwater environment,
Popular Kiwi recording artist Neil Finn -- known as both the frontman of current pop rock band Crowded House and co-front man of aACAy80s art rock band Split Enz -- is coming to the Dubai.
The 68-year-old lead singer of legendary art rock outfit, Roxy Music, performed an eclectic selection of songs chosen from across his entire career to celebrate his 40 years as a singer and songwriter, including Love Is the Drug, Let's Stick Together and Jealous Guy.
Offering something very different are Sacred Paws - two girls singing and playing angular art rock to tribal beats.
Bush's first album was released in the late seventies and her distinctive vocals she has a very sensual yet versatile voice and complex songs have led critics to classify her music as art rock.
The art rock balladeer Nick Cave inspired his enthralling, evening-length work Underland, which has its U.
This work will appeal to record collectors and graphic artists and will be of special interest to followers of the punk and art rock movements as rare examples of covers from these genres are featured prominently.
THERE'S a great chance to relive your youth on Wednesday at London's 02 Arena when 70s and 80s art rock legends SUPERTRAMP play the only British gig of their European tour.
While the band's lead singer Iggy Pop enjoyed success as a solo act in the 1970s and was lauded by punks and art rock acts for his Stooges output, it was not until grunge and alternative rock acts started to discuss influences that Asheton's name came up regularly as a major influence.
His anything goes approach to running a studio is reflected in the work he has produced--particularly by artists looking to marry the thorny aesthetics of noisy art rock with more electronic elements.
Some places in the world have actually been waiting for the first collaboration between art rock whatsit Bjork and her husband, multimedia ``what-is-that?
Les Georges Leningrad, Sur les traces de Black Eskimo (Alien8 Recordings) Les Georges's noisy grooves have been refined since they debuted their pirate/caveman art rock with Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou.
It's everything they are and everything they do That mantra includes the use of fireworks, power sports, colored smoke bombs, and the kinda noisy, ass-ratting lowbrow art rock that could very well shake the last 15 years of junk food consumption from your bowels in two-second blasts of bottom-heavy noise.
Don't miss out on some great alternative, alt-indie, art rock and alternative pop while lending your support to Simon Community.
For their tenth studio album, The Cult have left the experimentalism and art rock of the Nineties and early 2000s behind and revived the soaring choruses and stadium-friendly riffs of their classic early albums.