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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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The contrast and variety undercuts the cynical view of Arcade Fire as the Blazing Squad of art rock, an eyecatching big line-up unable to deliver anything memorable.
A mix of Franz Ferdinand's jangular art rock with a heavier after-fuzz.
So health and safety and art rock can go hand-in-hand.
This is the album where they effortlessly knock the increasingly smug Arcade Fire off their art rock throne.
The Coral are great if they stick to melodies but become self-indulgent with bloated bids at art rock and lost fans' interest.
Tool's dark, underground metal draws from art rock as much as it does from thrash, death metal and progressive rock.
The four piece band, led by singer/guitarist Scott Wohlgemuth, have an art rock style of Biffy Clyro - albeit quieter.
The Flaming Lips get prize pickings with the great Cambridge 1969, John and Yoko's art rock duet, reworking it with a compelling free jazz setting.
But this outstanding show was firm proof that his former group's quirky art rock, influential as it was, imposed too many limitations on him.
Add to that backing musicians borrowed from Beck, Tom Waits and Los Lobos, and the result is a smoldering mix of art rock, bossa nova, go-go and electronic music that has Venegas being likened to a Spanish mix of PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple and the Violent Femmes.
THE garage rockers from Edinburgh show that it's not only Glasgow that can do raw art rock.
Of course, making music is really the thing for this thoughtful, often philosophical boarding-school product who refined his blend of Brit-pop and '70s art rock in the college music studios at Brown University.
While sadly it doesn't include dance anthem Flux, it continues the band's move away from that too clever by half art rock.
Long before Franz Ferdinand emerged as Glasgow's art rock guvnors, Stuart Murdoch's Belle And Sebastian were its Indie kings.
Elliot Goldenthal, 41, whose highly acclaimed scores (``Heat,'' ``Interview With the Vampire'' and the just-released ``Michael Collins'') are postmodern collages of noir-ish jazz, 19th-century romanticism, choral fragments and art rock, sees a growing open-mindedness toward movie music.