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traditional genre of music conforming to an established form and appealing to critical interest and developed musical taste

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In the introductory episode, Copland argues that the 1920s was a significant decade for Western art music because: (1) there was an extraordinary desire to be ground-breaking and original, and (2) recent developments in Western art music can be traced to innovations that originated in the '20s.
Because the majority of African Americans were of the lowest economic strata, art music traditionally excluded them.
Just happy to find a small piece for the collection, between other reminiscences of the art and art music of the '70s, of the "Theatre of Eternal Music," La Monte Young, Terry Riley, early Philip Glas s?
DISH Network's Brazilian pre-paid programming package includes TV Globo and RBTi; the Arabic pre-paid programming package includes Al Jazeera, Radio Al Zikr, ART America, ART Movies, ART Music Radio, ESC-1, LBC and MBC; the South Asian pre-paid programming package includes Zee TV and Sony Entertainment Television; and the Pakistani pre-paid programming package includes GEO and ARY Digital.
Writing for readers interested in music, culture, and philosophy, Del Nevo, a philosopher at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia, focuses on the aesthetic experience of listening to Western art music and how it can transform the soul.
His premise is that art music has healing power and also can be used to foster spiritual growth.
As the title promises, Smith adheres strictly to the development of art music in the Nordic region; any references to folk or popular music appear in the context of how they relate to art music.
There is also a long tradition of Western art music composed for (or inspired by) particular buildings and spaces, from Guillaume Dufay's 1436 motet, Nuper rosarum flores, written to mirror the proportions of a Brunelleschi dome, to Edgard Varese's Poeme electronique for Le Corbusier's 1958 World's Fair pavilion, and Morton Feldman's Rothko Chapel of 1971.
The sections cover music in urban spaces, art music repertories, 19th-century popular music connections, music on stage and in film, traditional music and art music adaptations, and sacred music and adaptations.
A large percentage of our population is simply very interested in the classical music of the past or the so-called art music of the present.
will be a study of American art music and culture in the first half of the twentieth century, written for Russians and therefore conditioned by a very particular perspective.
We appreciate the work nowadays as a bridge between John Cage's and Karlheinz Stockhausen's art music and the brooding rock 'n' roll of the Velvet Underground.
A descriptive bibliography of art music by Israeli composers, rev.
The book also will, hopefully, encourage the search for more diversity in art music by the teacher, the student and general music lover.
This combination of music, fashion, and attitude - "We stand for pop art clothes, pop art music, and pop art behavior," said Townshend in 1965, "We live pop art" - helped to make Britain a media-friendly concept: a country of total pop, where, as Piri Halasz noted in Time the following year, "in a once sedate world of faded splendor, everything new, uninhibited and kinky is blooming at the top of London life.