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Archaeologists, art historians, historians, students and book lovers in general will have the chance to select books from the foundation's publications at a discount of 40 to 60 per cent.
Perhaps it is right that, in this generation, Berenson is rescued from being significant solely as an art historian, to being viewed instead as someone who represents a particular philosophical and aesthetic viewpoint --one as interesting to the history of ideas as it is to pure art history.
Art historian Chiara Frugoni said she has spent almost 30 years studying the cycle of frescoes in the upper level of the Umbrian landmark church, but only recently spotted the image in what appears to be an empty space in a cloud.
While some art historians may view the monograph as obsolete, there are many reasons to work with this genre today.
The friends are Jan (pronounced Yawn, because her father is an art historian who named her after Jan van Eyck) and Rebecca (who is named an It Girl by a national magazine).
The key, says Florida State University art historian Cynthia Hahn, is in the context.
According to art historian Michael Fried, however, the work is really about male castration.
This is the "marvelous fairy-tale garden" that the eminent art historian Julius von Schlosser once evoked--in Die Kunst des Mittelalters (1923)--with regard to the aesthetic presuppositions of the Middle Ages, where "all limitations of space and time are without meaning, so that the very world of phenomena turns into a fantastic fable.
Lesley King-Hammond, art historian and dean of graduate studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art, has recognized some extraordinary talents in this volume.
As Matthew, an art historian at Union College in Schenectady, N.
As an art historian, students must be thorough and accurate in their research and compelling in their presentation.
Before you can say "Mona Lisa" or "The Last Supper" Harvard art historian and religious symbol expert Robert Langdon (think Indiana Jones with a better tailor) and police inspector and cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Saunier's brilliant and fetching granddaughter) are on the scene and the scent of a murder mystery that will lead them across Europe and into some of Christianity's oldest and best kept secrets.
Get a mathematician together with a graphic artist and an art historian, and what happens?
A three-student team, including a graphic designer, an architect and an art historian, began to explore facets of the disease where design might have a particular impact.