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(architecture) a form of artistic expression (such as writing or painting or architecture)

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Inbal strove to create a new art form through a dance language that, in the words of founder Sara Levi-Tanai, "drinks from the deep wells of ancient civilizations.
This program does a lively job of showing and describing the social, ritual and technical issues embedded in the masks of many cultures, and in helping the viewer appreciate the power inherent in this art form.
And if films are not made, the loser will not only be those of us whose talent and hard work is the creative vision on the screen, but also the very public whose 'love affair' with this most American of art forms began so many decades ago.
Adamant in his belief that ballet was not an elitist art form, and sympathetic to the fact that not everyone can afford to buy tickets in the center of the Orchestra, he periodically made dances that reveal special nuances when seen from the vantage point of the "gallery gods.
As for the rather minor artistic works and pseudo-artistic performances that sparked this controversy in the first place, I can only quote Henri Matisse: ``The struggle was not between old and new art form but between art and imitations of art.
Though traditionally an exclusively male art form, taiko groups now include both men and women of all age groups.
Similar to batik, this uncanny art form has bloomed into a cottage industry, giving women greater independence and clout in the economic and cultural life of the former Rhodesia.
AFI's programs promote innovation and excellence through teaching, presenting, preserving and redefining this art form.
5, 1997--Intel Corporation and The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) today announced a long-term initiative to encourage the exploration of interactive, digital art forms across a wide range of artistic disciplines.
By merging our passion for music together with the new technologies we'll co-create with Graphix Zone, we hope to integrate completely new art forms into multimedia.
People of subcontinent have always had deep appreciation of all the various art forms, pictorial art ranking as one of Indo-Pakistans foremost arts.
The fine arts workshops organised by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and led by experts have been designed to nurture local talent and strengthen their skills in traditional art forms such as calligraphy and Islamic decorations, which also underline our heritage and culture.
The IB participating talents expressed themselves in various art methods: Gina Salameh used mixed art forms to portray her theme
With the strongly influenced visual media, our traditional art forms have now been thrown in to the shadows of our mainstream life.
MUSCAT: Are you a classical Indian dancer Do you want to practise these art forms professionally Do you want to earn a degree in these classical art forms