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(architecture) a form of artistic expression (such as writing or painting or architecture)

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Dubai: From graffiti spaghetti to art forms using inflatables, tapes and other objects, contemporary art forms that have never been displayed before in the region are coming to Dubai.
New Delhi [India], August 8 ( ANI ): India is home to a large variety of local art forms which have been practiced for centuries and are a testimony to the hand skills of local artisans.
His presentation of the art form is almost like a tribute to Unnai.
8220;This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view outstanding examples of mosaic art from around the world in one venue, to allow the audience to experience the exciting ways that artists are utilizing this ancient art form with a modern and contemporary approach,” said Shug Jones, President of the SAMA Board of Trustees.
3] creativity and persistence as well as their excellent use of multiple art forms.
It our duty to the society to take diligent efforts to revive these art forms and preserve them for the generations to come.
I have heard stories of many students dropping their respective art forms because of the parental pressure.
This catalog covers the entire history of her performance art pieces, with full-page color and black and white photos documenting her multi-faceted views and analyzing differences between good art and bad art forms.
A newly launched Egyptian music channel that aims to bring Islamic values to the MTV generation arrived on satellite channels across the Middle East and Europe in a bid to help young Muslims make the connetion between their Islamic way of life and contemporary art forms.
Concerts that introduce other art forms or disciplines can be an innovative way to inspire both audiences and musicians.
Much has been written about traditional art forms of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, music, plays and movies; but little has been said about the more esoteric and avant-garde forms of conceptual and performance art; The Triumph of Anti-Art: Conceptual and Performance Art in the Formation of Post-Modernism handily remedies this deficiency.
Young people in South Tyneside have been using their imagination and creativity to produce representations of the region's landmarks in a variety of art forms.
There is a large-format edition of Ernest Haeckel's Art Forms In Nature on the market which is more appropriate for library lending.
Currently, though, the elements of data management persist as flexible art forms.
No art form is more uniquely American than film, but unfortunately, few art forms are more susceptible to degradation through passage of time and poor preservation.