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(architecture) a form of artistic expression (such as writing or painting or architecture)

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The goal of Gif Gonzo is also to incubate and elevate GIF as a legitimate art form.
Whether or not this is true, there is little doubt that the art form is growing in popularity and holds promise as a means of popular expression.
It is an art form that stubbornly focuses on expression and form and Pisharody's experience in the field has made this successful.
When asked about the response to the art form at the fair, she said that the majority of people have been positive.
Moily asked the Karnataka Yakshagana Academy and the Delhi Academy of Thenkuthittu Yakshagana to formally take up the issue with the Government of India to accord recognition to the Yakshagana art form and also suggest to the UNESCO to give this dance form recognition.
Reuniting in Beirut in 2000 after graduate studies and work opportunities took them away to the United States and the United Kingdom, the four friends decided that it was time to create a local platform for their preferred art form, giving others a chance to express themselves through comics at the same time.
New Imaginism is an extremely personal, intimate fine art form that will be as confronting to many of today's cognoscenti, as Dadaism was to the same in the early 20th century.
It aims to create a Muslim domain out of the predominantly western art form of pop music as well as hip hop and is seen as an alternative to music video networks that do not promote values compatible with Muslim culture.
But they're also a great American art form -- one that makes readers laugh, ask questions and fall in love with complex characters.
Among Segal's claims and targets: dwindling ballet audiences; a repertoire "that's decaying"; the infantilization of ballet dancers; ballets that traffic in archaic stereotypes; classics that are inauthentic for today's audiences; an art form that values "prettiness" over beauty and depth; and ballet's irrelevancy to today's world.
YOUR correspondent opined (ECHO Letters, Oct 2) that "the hallmark of graffiti damage consists of bubble writing and outlined childish cartoons" and that the art form was "dated".
Opening the gallery and winery have seemed like natural extensions of the foundry and this idea of creating more than one art form.
Collaborating with colleagues from other disciplines, such as art, history, dance, literature and foreign languages, provides a wealth of ideas for original programming and an opportunity to expand your own appreciation of our art form.
Over a dozen musical films from the last decade are analyzed to explain how artists have interpreted and imbibed such musicals with new life, using psychology, sexuality, and more to revive the art form.
A number of years ago the Arts Council, in one of its many restructurings, jettisoned its specialist art form directorships and departments and subsequently the specialist committees that advised on dance, drama, visual arts, etc.