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the director in charge of the artistic features of a theatrical production (costumes and scenery and lighting)

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They were flabbergasted to know he was still actively working as an art director at his age.
Other nominees in the category were Japanese-American rock musician Mitski's "Be the Cowboy" (Mary Banas, art director); The Chairman's "The Offering" (Qing-Yang Xiao, art director) and Foxhole's "Well Kept Thing" (Adam Moore, art director).
The London native won two Oscars for his work as an art director on David Lean's romantic epic 'Doctor Zhivago' and Carol Reed's 1968 musical 'Oliver!', and was nominated for three Baftas.
BEST COVER DESIGN: Third Place, art director Gigi Ortwein
Art directors and production designers, who are predominantly male, are paid more than costume designers, who are predominantly female.
Charlotte Hoffmann, Digital Art Director, JWT Sydney (Australia)
The art director explained in detail some of the earliest examples of cartography which made the use of statistics in newspapers and also how the iPad was changing the way in making info-graphics.
Arwel was the art director on this British film, and it's brilliant to see him doing so well.
Then, in the 1980s, I got into film and TV working as a freelance art director with Aardman Animation, in Bristol.
Swanson Russell has promoted Cindi Coulter to art director, while hiring Abby Bonwell as production artist and Brookley Lind-Olson as media coordinator.
Midland digital agency Freestyle Interactive has appointed Paul Beacham as its new art director.
The process will be long and comprehensive and will follow the time-honored procedure used in producing new designs: The art director creates what he likes, then makes a bunch of ugly versions that the editors will naturally reject in favor of the one the art director prefers anyway.
That's because the magazine has a new art director. His name is Bryan, and he's excited to be part of our team.
"Aphrodisia 2: Art of The Female Form" is a collection of fabulous artwork that was juried by vintage pin-up photographer Danielle Bedics, fantasy artist Jullie Bell, Star Wars film designer Iain McCaig, and Disney Art Director Robh Ruppel who combined their considerable expertise to present more than 200 works created by professional artists and illustrators that range from film designer Christohe Vacher, to faerie artist Amy Brown, to fantasy artist and Star Wars illustrator Dave Dorman.
Title: VESIcare Pants Agency: AbelsonTaylor Creative Director: Stephen Neale Senior Art Director: Therese Maginot Art Director: Chris Belford Senior Copywriters: Mike Fine, Andy Manilow Client: Astellas/GlaxoSmithKline