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Art critics in this book seem "accidentally necessary" the way captions accompany photos of artists and their art works that already tell overwhelming stories by themselves; the way statements are lured to vibrate and resonate from quiet artists for the subjective meaning of their artworks, to dialogue and help bridge art's gap with every man.
In a 2012 interview with the BBC he said art was something "that brings people like me to life" and said he became an art critic "by accident".
However, art critic and filmmaker Greg Allen alleges that Bush drew more from simple Google Image searches for sources for his work, the Verge reported.
I'm willing to blame the demise of the pop art critic on the Internet, or on editors determined to dumb down, or even on bored readers more interested in prices than art.
THE Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait was unveiled yesterday to a mixed reception from art critics.
Hilton Kramer, Art Critic and Champion of Tradition in the Culture Wars, Dies at 84 [NYT]
Summary: BEIRUT: The vibrant life of the late painter, art critic and writer Helen Khal was celebrated this week at the American University of Beirut (AUB).
NEW YORK -- Art critic and scholar Philippe Dagen considers Picasso in the context of his time and focuses on the influence of modern civilization and contemporary world affairs on his work in his new book, "Picasso," to be released Nov.
After spending a decade as restaurant critic (his first review ran in 1971), Dorsey served as the Sun's art critic during the 1980s and 1990s.
It is on this misery that the New York painter bases his new show of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and videos, "I Objectify My Life So As To Give It Meaning," which mercilessly blurs the line between artist and art critic, speaking directly to the latter with the prose of the former.
SFMOMA's February 2007 Artcast spotlights artists of the Bay Area: SECA Art Award recipients Kota Ezawa and Leslie Shows; photographer Henry Wessel; pianist Sarah Cahill's performance of composer Morton Feldman's "For Philip Guston," with the story of Feldman and Guston narrated by poet and art critic Bill Berkson.
Robert Hughes--a Time magazine art critic, biographer, documentary maker, historian, and author of The Shock of the New (1981), The Fatal Shore (1987), and Goya (EXCELLENT Mar/Apr 2004)--offers an untraditional perspective on his 60-something years.
A psychological study about murder, revenge, love, and art, The Portrait is narrated by an artist named Henry MacAlpine, living on a remote French island, who lures his enemy, the influential art critic and former friend, William Nasmyth, to sit for a portrait.
Award-winning journalist and historian Alice Marquis presents Art Czar: The Rise and Fall of Clement Greenberg, a balanced biography of the man who was arguably the most influential American art critic of the twentieth century.
Painter (no pun intended) is a historian and not an art critic, however.